Why are people doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Why are people doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

ALS Ice bucket challenge is on the internet since few days. It is getting pretty popular among many people including social activists, super stars and philanthropists. Many people might think that...
Cold Allergy

Cold Allergy- Dangers and Solutions

As the temperature decreases in cold weather, the patients of cold allergy also increase n a vast rate. This problem is mostly seen in people who work in cold, like housewives...
E books side effects

Side Effects of reading eBooks

A latest research of doctors of Harvard Medical School concluded that reading eBook before sleeping at night is harmful. The research was done with two groups, one read the normal book before sleep...
Medicine, Antibiotics, capsules, tablets

Increasing Antibiotic Resistance in Nepal, and threat of superbugs

Antibiotic is the boon of this modern era. It has saved millions of lives till now because in past people used to die due to simple bacterial infection. These days antibiotics...
Harmful Chemicals and Ripening Agents in Food

Harmful Chemicals and Ripening Agents in Food

The difference in demand and supply is vast and people. So use of chemicals in food industry is increasing geometrically. Artificial ripening agents include Ethylene and Calcium Carbide. These are some...
Science and society Carl Sagan

Science and Technology development in Nepal

Few weeks ago 25 years old Nepalese scientist Lujhendra Ojha was on huge highlight. He has the major role on finding the evidence of water on Mars. They used spectrometer to...
Storage Capacity of Brain-Total Memory

Storage Capacity of Brain-Total Memory

When someone asks you what is the fastest thing in the universe. You might answer light, rocket etc. But many people would say "Imagination". We are the most powerful supercomputers in the whole universe. Our brain...
Spinal Cord Implant

Spinal Cord implant to help paralyzed people

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is dangerous and it can make people's life miserable by making them paralyzed. The spinal cord in the back bone is one of most delicate part of...
Human Organ Trade in Nepal

Human Organ Trade in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country and has a very low literacy rate. It is resided by people with low income in rural areas. These people don't have enough money to provide...
ZMapp and Cure of Ebola

ZMapp and Cure of Ebola

According to latest news two Ebola patients have been cured. They were American citizens who were working in west Africa and came back after they were infected. This is a miracle...

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