Gravitational Waves of Einstein confirmed by LIGO

Gravitaional Waves Demonstration

Just now the National Science Foundation have confirmed the existence of gravitational waves that were given by the field equations legendary equations. On the day of February 11, 2015 scientists involved in this experiment publicly announced success of their observation. Initially two detectors were used who were vastly apart in geography. Some physicists claimed that this might be the Nobel prize winner of this year. For further expansion of the study and observation of these waves a new center LIGO India will be coming soon at end of this year. It was confirmed last year in experiment. Continue reading “Gravitational Waves of Einstein confirmed by LIGO”

LHC Discovers Pentaquark-Sub atomic particle of 2015

Pentaquark Illustration

Last year two particles were discovers in LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern and this year LHC discovers new particle named Pentaquark. This is the biggest discovery in physics in 2015 after last years discovery. The scientists in Cern are always colliding particles in almost light speed(99.9999% of speed of light) to break down the particles to find out the basic particle. Continue reading “LHC Discovers Pentaquark-Sub atomic particle of 2015”

Two new particles discovered at Cern


Large Hadron Collide (LHC) is a famous scientific machine or apparatus that is being used to study sub atomic particles like Higgs boson  to understand the universe better Scientists are near to finding it and they have already found its energy region by two separate experiments. During many such simulations and colliding particles at 99.9999% speed of light two new particles named Xi_b’ and Xi_b* have been discovered. These new subatomic particles were discovered at Cern with LHC by smashing protons in near speed of light and amazingly they have 6 times the weight of proton. Continue reading “Two new particles discovered at Cern”

US Navy starts LaWS(Laser Weapon System)

Laser Sight

We all know that military technology and engineering are always elite part of science and technology. They have good budget and shiny minds too. They always show us powerful and awesome gadgets and weapons. After a good research and show of  really cool Rail Gun US Navy has started Laser Weapon System. This is the future come true like we have seen in movies, shooting down any object with powerful laser. But this is a first phase project. We assume that we will be seeing laser guns soon.

The USS Ponce which is located in Persian Gulf has been using Laser Weapon System known ad (LaWS) since August 2014. It is not powerful enough to shoot bigger vessels and objects. All it does is shoot a non lethal laser flash to thwart their sensors. Do not underestimate its powers, it can surely shoot down small ships like drone and it is stationed there to defend against Iranian fleet.

The laser is very delicate system so it needs a lot of care and protection fro the dust, dirt and the harsh weather. The Navy may be developing and improving this system but is is sure that in near future we will be seeing new high tech laser weapons. The military also showed experiments with Rail gun some years before that was capable of shooting meta projectiles at March 7 that is 7 times speed of sound.

The plan is to improve the weapon and try to implement these system in more warship to improve the military. These latest laser tech weapons are the future of weapon where these is no need to use projectiles and explosive materials. The new technology always brings up challenge to another technology so the defense will also need improvement like laser attack proof aircrafts ad other high tech system that work like flares in other aircraft. Read about new Space Fence of US Air Force here.

The Mechanism of Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge Black

Fuel gauges operate on electrical resistance, using a float with an attached metallic rod as the internal ‘needle’. A wiper conducts electrical current from the rod to the gauge and the more of the rod that’s exposed, the less conductive it becomes, which in turn reduces the fuel gauge level. This older system is effective but works on a relative scale; you’re never sure just how close to empty the tank is. Continue reading “The Mechanism of Fuel Gauge”