MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review: Free tool to recover lost data

Mistakes can happen anytime and they can be devastating in a computer sometimes. One might delete any file, photo, movie, or folder by mistake. You might even mistakenly shift delete anything important.... Read more »
Difference between 30FPS and 60FPS

Difference Between 30FPS and 60FPS: Is High Frame Rate Better?

Gamers have been debating on 30FPS and 60FPS for a long time. Now the debate is even higher for 90fps and more. People are now into 144Hz and 240Hz monitors. So gamers... Read more »
Lets Encrypt SSL on Namecheap shared hosting WordPress

How to install Lets’ Encrypt on Namecheap Shared Hosting: Tutorial

Delta Digit now serves all its content on HTTPS. This means we use an SSL certificate and all user information is safe. HTTPS is now essential for every website. Google also recommends... Read more »
MiniTool MovieMaker Review

MiniTool MovieMaker Review: Simple, powerful and free video editor

The MiniTool MovieMaker is a video editing software from the makers of popular MiniTool Partition Wizard. This new software is for starters, online content creators, learners, and casual users. It is free... Read more »
Minitool partition wizard full review

MiniTool Partition Wizard Review: Powerful functions in a small package

MiniTool is a Canadian software company that specializes in partition software. These days we have many types of secondary storage. There are Solid State Drive (SSD), Hard Disk Drives (HDD), SSHD, magnetic... Read more »
AOMEI Partition Assistant Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant Review: Lots of features, fast and free

We deal with storage every day of our lives. Our laptops, desktops all have secondary storage such as Hard Disk Drive(HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), SSHD, etc. They are all available in... Read more »
Register free .np domain

Steps to Register free .np domain name in Nepal

Everybody wants free things and domain name is one of them. Business, institutions, organizations, e-commerce sites, news media, bloggers all need a domain. It may be for personal use or commercial use.... Read more »
Best Free Web Hosting

Best Free Web Hosting Service Providers for 2019: Top 5 List

Hosting is necessary for every website owner. Servers hold the file that makes up for the website and they serve them when someone requests it. Every time domain name is entered in... Read more »
Top Blogspot SEO Tips and Advice

5 Top Blogspot SEO Tips for Improving Blogger Sites

Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. Most people know it as Blogspot as well. It is because the sites are given subdomain. We also started our journey the same... Read more »
AOMEI Backupper full review

AOMEI Backupper full review: Feature and power details

AOMEI Technology is a popular name in the storage and data industry. We recently got our hands on the new AOMEI Backupper. As lots of our clients have work request regarding hard... Read more »