Best free VPN and proxy service in Nepal

Best free VPN Services to use in Nepal

Nepal is a developing county and many online contents have geographical restriction. There are many websites that are blocked in Nepal. Many websites don't give full access to their contents such as...
Remix OS logo

Remix OS: Android for PC Done Right with perfection

One always wanted to play their Android Titles with a much-powerful hardware and have a lag-free experience. Well, Jide got them covered up with their brand new Remix OS which is...
Stop Adblock

How AdBlock will make internet more expensive & amiss

Many of you might be using AdBlock while surfing the internet and thinking How AdBlock will make internet more expensive & amiss ? Of course it is topic to think about and...
Facebook Haching and Recovery

Facebook account hacking and profile recovery

The biggest social media network Facebook has a huge impact on lives of online consumers and these days the Facebook account or profile is very important in many ways. From basic...
Blogger Logo

Blogger hosted website and SEO success guide

If you are opening a website and have less idea on the hosting and everything regarding management, CMS then we suggest you to get Blogger. Blogger is free blogging platform from...

Online content monetization using various Advertisements

Content is the most important thing of a website and media. It is the currency of a site. It is what creates value and for good value it must have profit...
Lets Encrypt

Free HTTPS/ SSL Certificate from Cisco and EFF

The University of Michigan, Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF), Cisco, Akamai and Mozilla have rallied together to provide everyone with a free HTTPS Certificate. Their goal is a pure and true goal...
D3D Error

Next Gen Games Optimization and Paradigm Shift

After the launch of PS4 and XBOX One we have been hearing of new games with advanced graphics known as next gen games. These games are mainly for PC, PS4 and...

Difference between 30fps and 60fps Video

Gamers have been debating on 30fps and 60fps games and video since a long time. Many latest games have been locked to 30Fps but old games don't have frame lock so...

Revolutionary power of x265 HEVC Encoder

HEVC or High efficiency video encoding (x265/HEVC) is a new standard video codec developed using C++ that is open source. It is in testing phase but the updates have been rolled...

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