Remix OS logo

Remix OS: Android for PC Done Right with perfection

One always wanted to play their Android Titles with a much-powerful hardware and have a lag-free experience. Well, Jide got them covered up with their brand new Remix OS which is...
Free HTTPS/ SSL Certificate from Cisco and EFF (Let's Encrypt)

Free HTTPS/ SSL Certificate from Cisco and EFF (Let’s Encrypt)

The University of Michigan, Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF), Cisco, Akamai and Mozilla have rallied together to provide everyone with a free HTTPS Certificate. Their goal is a securing the whole internet....
Lets Encrypt SSL on Namecheap shared hosting WordPress

How to install Lets’ Encrypt on Namecheap shared hosting

Delta Digit now serves all its content on HTTPS. This means we use SSL certificate and all user information are safe because no one can spy or intercept your data. It...
Next Gen Games Optimization and Paradigm Shift

Next Gen Games Optimization and Paradigm Shift

After the launch of PS4 and XBOX One, we have been hearing of new games. They are coming with advanced graphics known as next gen games. These games are mainly for...
YouTube Go in Nepal

YouTube Go in Nepal

YouTube Go was announced for India few months ago and it is now live. Its main goal is to provide videos in small size which is easy for mobile data users....
Domain Name Registration

Free Domain Name Registration Services

I have researched a long time looking for free domain name registration. After a long time, discussion, study I finally found the best free domain name registrar and it was my...
Blogger Logo

Blogger hosted website and SEO success guide

If you are opening a website and have less idea on the hosting and everything regarding management, CMS then we suggest you to get Blogger. Blogger is free blogging platform from...
Top online payment gateway in Nepal

Best Online Payment service providers in Nepal

Nepal Rastra Bank is planning to make cashless economy in Nepal. Many countries are moving to cashless payment options. Nepal is also trying to make many transactions digital. People are using...
Stop Adblock

How AdBlock will make internet more expensive & amiss

Many of you might be using AdBlock while surfing the internet and thinking How AdBlock will make internet more expensive & amiss ? Of course it is topic to think about and...
AOMEI Backupper full review

AOMEI Backupper full review, detailed features overview

AOMEI Technology is a popular name in storage and data industry. We recently got our hands on the new AOMEI Backupper. As lots of our clients have work request regarding hard-drive...

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