CG Eon Blaze Pro, Eon Blaze 6.0 review, specs, impressions

CG Eon Blaze Pro and Blaze 6.0 in Nepal

There are few original Nepali brands in the market like CG and Colors. Chaudhary Group is one of the established multi million dollar business conglomerate of Nepal. Last year, they launched a mid range phone in the market known as CG Eon eLite. We recently experienced the new CG EON Blaze 6.0 and Blaze Pro phones at the CG bloggers meet. Our goal is to guide you and provide our experience of these phones.

There are two smartphones this time, EON Blaze Pro is relatively smaller phone. Another phone is CG EON Blaze 6.0 which is a bigger phone. Both of these phones rest in the phablet family due to their screen size. These are absolutely big phones available in the budget category. We suggest to get the best one according to your need.

Some people have big hands, watch movies, play games while other people just browse internet, use social apps and take photos. There are various combination of needs and power, so is the need of screen size. CG has the EON Blaze 6.0 with a 6” screen for users who need bigger phones and the Blaze Pro is for people who need medium screen with almost same power as big one.


Similarities: Lets first layout the common hardware and software power that we get on both of these phone. The pricing is quite near just like other specs. Only major difference at first look is the screen size. CG EON Blaze Pro and EON Blaze 6.0 have different screen size but same 720X1280 screen resolution.

Processor1.3 GHz Quad Core
ChipestMediatek MT6580
Camera13 MP (Back) / 5 MP (Front)
OSAndroid Marshmallow
SD card SupportMax 32 GB
DisplayIPS LCD
SIM Support2 SIM cards

CG EON Blaze Pro: This phone sports a 5.5” HD screen on a very nice body. It comes with a removable faux metal back. There is a 2400 mAh Lithium Ion battery which powers the device. The UI is very stock looking with minimal touch ups. At the op of the phone, we get LED for LED notification. It is a very rare feature in budget phones of this price. We give a huge applaud to CG for that. The MRP of 8GB CG Eon Blaze Pro is Rs 9699.

CG Eon Blaze Pro in Nepal
CG Eon Blaze Pro in Nepal

CG EON Blaze 6.0: This is a very big phone with 16 GB internal memory provided at the price tag. It’s maximum retail price in the market is Rs 11,111. Blaze 6.0 is targeted to the people who want big 6” screen and consume visual rich contents such as movies and games. It is powered by a bigger 2800 mAh battery.

Impression and Experience


Unlike the Blaze Pro model, the back cover is non removable in this one. Even though this is a big phone, the 2.5D glass gives a great touch to the phone. It is both aesthetically and physically pleasing. There is a new app called CG Care which is apparently an app to hep users contact CG mobile services.

The experience of both phone is pretty similar in regard of performance. Only difference is the screen size and pixel density. We wish to see a 1080p resolution and 2 GB RAM on bigger phone but we don’t complain because of the price tag. There are very few phones that offer such specs at this price point.

CG Eon Blaze 6.0 in Nepal
CG Eon Blaze 6.0 in Nepal

Camera performance is decent as the 13 MP sensor takes high resolution photos with great details. Settings option doesn’t have quantitative resolution selection which is a down side but the quality is good as expected. The front facing  5 MP can also take god HD photos and videos. There were no issues with the phone while testing though.

All the specs are decent according to the time and market. Our suggestion to CG is to just bump up the battery size next time. The displays are big and bright enough for outdoor too. In summary, CG is providing a neat package at a very reasonable rate. CG has taken a good step to cover this segment, now they need to cover other price segments as well.


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