CG partners with Huawei for new telecom service in Nepal

CG partners with Huawei for 4G service

Chaudhary Group’s plan to launch new telecom service is going forward strongly. The group is now partnering with Huawei Technologies. CG signed a deal of $100 million with Huawei. They are planning to start a revolutionary 4G service. The company also partnered with Turkish LifeCell a few months back. They want to bring change just like Indian Reliance Jio in Nepal. They are doing huge investments for this. NTC and Ncell are the current biggest telecom players of Nepal but CG is planning to shake things up.

This new Huawei and CG partnership deal is to bring 4G services in the Nepalese telecom sector. This is just like Jio and many sources tell that the company won’t be serving for older generation spectrum. According to Reuters, Binod Chaudhary said that there will be free voice service. However, the company will focus specifically on data and online payment. It seems that their revenue model revolves around mobile data and digital services.

Jio also did a similar change in India. The lower price of 4G data drove the traffic and use to the sky. Due to the competition, other companies also rolled out better plans. Overall internet scenario of a country can change when there is cheaper internet access. At first, the company is launching 4G with Huawei equipments. In the future, they also might upgrade to 5G when the time comes. Some European countries and American cities are already using 5G services.


CG, Huawei, and LifeCell

These three companies are now working together to launch a new telecom service company in Nepal. Huawei Technologies is going to help with equipment and infrastructure. On the other hand, LifeCell is going to help in the technical aspect and digital services sector. Huawei also works with other Nepali telecom companies. They are known for cheaper and best equipments. They are also very ahead in 5G technology. This is why they are working with many countries to install the infrastructure for next-generation communication. As CG partners with Huawei, it can open new doors of opportunities.

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CG signed a deal with LifeCell in MWC 2019. They signed up with the subsidiary company Turkcell. They specialize in online and digital services. So with this partnership, CG can take help of the expertise and bring digital advancements to Nepalese. We can expect cheaper video streaming service packages, VOD, online payment, and better social media packages. The name of the new company is told to be CG LifeCell due to the partnership. It is not official in Nepal yet.

China is Nepal’s neighbor and Huawei is a Chinese company with the best technology for the telecom industry. This is why Chaudhary Group tied up with them. They are also a global leader in smartphones technology and sit in top positions.


4G, 5G, OTT, and Future

Chaudhary Group has also applied for a license in Nepal Telecommunication Authority. Mobile telecom is a big business with lots of places to explore. Nepali market also needs good market competition to bring some good schemes. Healthy open competition is always beneficial for customers.

Nepal government increased tax in the Internet because they said they were losing revenue to OTT (Over the top) services. This is the future and everyone should embrace it. We know that for now voice and SMS are not going anywhere. However, use of OTT services will increase. This means the use of services like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, YouTube, etc is going to increase.

Online free video and voice calls have taken over STD and ISD services. These days people pay for data and use it to do VOIP calls because it is cheaper. It seems, in the future, we are going to be using more data. This means we need to better 4G service and in future definitely 5G. VoLTE and ViLTE are also very necessary in the same way. In order to have digital governance, wider online payment system, and better communication, we need these new technologies. Therefore we hope CG could change some things and become a better option for all of us.

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