Code Like Her Fellowship 2020: Application, Opportunities

Code Like Her Fellowship

Code Rush is a Nepali software company led by girls. It is a very unique organization and it is organizing Code Like Her Fellowship 2020. This is a program that aims to provide fellowship to 12 bright girls in the tech and engineering field. It is a national level program of six months. Mostly it wants to help girls in IT and engineering by providing them skills. This way they can get more opportunities in the technology sector. Girls in Tech campaign for Province 2 was also a similar scheme. However, that was just a state-level but this is the national level.

Code Rush is providing this fellowship free of charge. Girls who want to make a career in Full-stack development can apply for this. They are accepting applications from undergraduate students and even fresh graduates. The company wants to help fellows by providing them with the latest and most important skills. They also want to give them the right tools and give them confidence.

As we all know, the number of women in the technology industry is very less. This projects a broader goal is to improve that number. The only way is making them more skillful and competitive. Because when someone is skilled they can get a job easily. The fellowship is a very good way and so is a scholarship. Code Rush is starting this project from March 2nd of this year. The number of participants they are accepting is 12 only. Therefore the brightest will get an opportunity.

Fellowship details and benefits

This is starting from March 2nd of 2020. The deadline for submission of the application is February 20th. More details are on the Code Rush website. It is a 6 months-long journey. Each day session starts at 10 AM and ends at 5 PM. During this, the participants will have coding Bootcamp. In addition, there will be workshops, projects, and lectures. All these to develop and increase technical and professional skills. A person needs technical, administrative and professional skills to serve in the market. Mostly the tech corporate world really demands it.

The six months program is equally separated into two parts for modules. Each module is 3 months long. In the first part, there is teaching and training from startup. This module is meant for learning and absorbing. In the second module, participants are assigned tasks and projects. Here they need to apply their knowledge, tactics, and skills. This helps to improve various aspects of fellow students.

There are various benefits of this fellowship. First of all, it is free and it provides mentorship, support, and guidance. Next is that participants will get to lean UI/UX, Database, frontend and backend development. On top, there are programs to improve presentation and teamwork skills. These are very important in work life. Finally, there is also certification and graduation. Most importantly, place opportunities are also there.

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