Cold Allergy
Cold Allergy

As the temperature decreases in cold weather, the patients of cold allergy also increase n a vast rate. This problem is mostly seen in people who work in cold, like housewives who have to work with cold water(Thanks Mom), people who work in morning and outdoors etc. Not all people suffer from cold allergy. People with sensitive skin and higher sensitiveness to cold are affected by it. If the symptoms are not treated with care the result can be devastating which is paralysis.

Cold allergy is mostly seen in people in cold season. Many people who work a lot in cold don’t have this problem but some get these problems and these can be irritating. According to doctor this problem happens due to difference in skin types of people. Many people drink cold water and have no effect but some sensitive people get cold even in cold breeze. This is all due to sensitiveness and immunity strength level of individual.

Cold Allergy and its Symptoms:

There are three types of cold allergy seen in various people. First type is the type which can be seen in most of common people. It’s symptoms includes itching of hands and legs, itching nose, eyes, swelling of lips, pain in hair follicles of limbs, skin crack etc. The further itching causes red spots and pain.


The second type is the type which infects people with rheumatic diseases. In this type of allergy the fingers of hands, legs or limbs swell and become blue, skin becomes red and swollen after itching.

Influenza virus

The third type affects people living in higher altitude like hills, mountains, Himalayas etc. In this type the nerve vessels contract and pains a lot.

Solution and treatment:
We all know that disease are directly related to our immunity and our immunity is related to our feeding habits and out activities. Now days people use heater even in simple cold. This is very bad according to doctor and should be removed as soon as possible(ASAP). If you get cold and get in front of heater to get immediate heat the skin becomes weak and more vulnerable to cold. This is also a good training. People should learn to adapt cold till possible limit.

It is better to use warm clothes like muffler, seawater, gloves and mast to protect from cold instead of using heater. Always drink lukewarm water, use lukewarm water to work with, bath etc. If you are feeling too much cold it is always better to do a hot oil massage to get hear and good muscle relaxation. This gives heat and also nourishes skin in dry weather. People with rheumatic disease must consult doctor and take medication because the ultimate consequences can be heavily devastating.

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