Colors Pride 1A Price in Nepal, Specs, Features, Impression

Colors Pride 1A Price in Nepal

Lower end or the entry level market is a very interesting tier. This level has the real competition and important. Increasing internet and mobile phone penetration in Nepal is very important. Thus the companies who sell entry level phones can do this by offering cheaper model which will replace the bar phones. Colors Mobile is one of such company and this time they have a new offer name Pride 1A. The official Colors Pride 1A Price in Nepal is Rs 5,585.

This is a very basic entry level phone which comes in a tight budget. It is in the realm of bar phones pricing. Colors Pride 1A also gives another surprise with the dual camera on its back. Almost no phones in this segment offer such feature. Pride 1A is another addition to the Pride series of phones. Another great touch in Pride 1A is the Android Go OS. Colors has done the right thing by installing the lightest version of Android.

We are fan of Android Go on lower end smartphones. The company is focusing on camera which is good sign. These days people expect their mobile phones to have good camera. However cramming two camera at this price point is quite interesting. Colors has tried to put the best possible configuration at this price by maintaining minimum standard or requirements.

Colors Pride 1A Specifications

The hardware specifications are as follows:

  • 1.3 GHz quad core processor
  • 4.95″ LCD Screen
  • 512 MB RAM and 8 GB Internal storage
  • 2200 mAh Battery
  • 5 MP and VGA Dual camera setup at rear side
  • 2 MP Front camera

Both sides have LED flash which shows focus on camera. Company is using 4 core processor which is good because dual core is out of date now. They are using 512 MB of RAM which is not recommended but we have to consider the budget. 1 GB RAM is now the minimum but we need to note that there is Android Go Oreo. This OS is very light and doesn’t need much resources.

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In the back side of the phone, there are two cameras. 5 MP is the primary sensor while next is for depth sensing. Many people want portrait shots or bokeh effect, so companies are on that train since start. Most phones in this range don’t have dual camera but Colors Pride 1A does so it gets plus points. We also give it plus point for Android Go. This helps the low power phone to run well with the slim OS.

Just few years back, many phones didn’t have front cameras but now even at a lower price point, we can get two back cameras and one front camera. This shows that technology is getting cheap. Colors is doing very well with their lower tier phones and we hope they continue this. Colors Pride 1A is a good option for the people who want to leave their bar phone and start the journey of Android with a small budget.

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