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Daraz Black Friday 2078

Black Friday is a special term that refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is a term popular in the USA but it is now used everywhere. Actually, the shopping and deals season starts from Thanksgiving and Black Friday in western countries. It goes on till Christmas and New Year and the whole period is known as the holiday season. Daraz has also been hosting a Black Friday special sale in Nepal for a few years. The trend started when the company used to be known as Kaymu. This year Daraz Nepal Black Friday for 2021 starts on November 26th and ends on November 29th of 2021. In Nepali date, the sale starts on Mangsir 10th and ends on Mangsir 13th of 2078. During the campaign, Daraz is hosting special device launches, providing discounts on products, giving free delivery, and offering vouchers.

Black Friday is very famous in western countries and mainly in the US. People shop for themselves and also buy gifts for their loved ones. There is a lot of shopping during this season and the businesses also target this time to move as many products as possible. Therefore there are many discounts, sales, offers, and price reductions. The week after Thanksgiving is packed with other special days for shopping. At first, there is Black Friday, then there is Small Business Saturday, after that there is Cyber Monday. During this whole season, almost every retailer has huge discounts on products. So Daraz Black Friday 2021 also has a few offers for digital Nepalese shoppers.

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Daraz Nepal Black Friday 2021 Campaign Details

Everyone loves discounts and offers so naturally Nepalese people also want to take benefit of those. During this holiday season, Nepalese people even do international online shopping and get products shipped to Nepal. People use companies that import products from the USA to Nepal. So we can understand that how much people love good deals. Similarly, in order to fulfill some of the demands of customers during the holiday season, Daraz Nepal has a few schemes for the Black Friday 2021 campaign.

The Daraz campaign for Black Friday 2021 has offers in tablets, smartphones, home appliances, televisions, fashionwear, grocery, and furniture. There are also additional schemes such as vouchers, free delivery, regular schemes such as card discounts, and EMI. In a simple overview, Daraz Nepal Black Friday 2021 offers are similar to the other regular festivals.

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Free Delivery Scheme

During the entire Daraz Black Friday program, customers can enjoy free delivery. The scheme is only valid for shopping between 10 AM – 11 AM. According to the company, there is a minimum purchase requirement. Customers need to make purchases of a certain minimum value to enjoy free delivery service. The minimum price requirements differ according to sellers. The banner on the company websites shows that free delivery is available for purchase above Rs 3000. So, do check the delivery price and details from the seller before making any purchase.


Special Vouchers

Daraz releases a limited amount of high-value vouchers for shopping each day during the campaign. The company releases shopping vouchers for each day at 11 AM. Here are some of the vouchers that can be used during the Black Friday sale in Daraz.

  • BESTBUY1000 – Rs 1000 discount on product above Rs 14,999
  • BESTBUY2000 – Rs 2000 discount on product above Rs 27,999
  • BESTBUY3000 – Rs 3000 discount on product above Rs 44,999

Some sellers and stores also provide vouchers after following them. So definitely follow your favorite stores to get the benefits of promotions.

Bank Days Promotions and EMI

Each day, Daraz has payment promotions for cardholders of different banks. Credit and Debit cardholders of various banks can enjoy discounts when they make payments with their cards on specific days. The discounts can be anywhere from 10% to 15% and the maximum value is usually Rs 500. So if you use your card on a specific day to purchase goods from Daraz then you can save some money.

The Daraz Nepal Black Friday 2021 is from 26th to 29th of November. This means it will go on from Friday to Tuesday. So few bank customers can take benefit of the card discount each day. On Friday, customers of Nabil Bank can get a discount. Similarly, on Saturday, card users of Standard Chartered Bank can get a payment promotion discount. Next on Monday, debit and credit cardholders of Sanima Bank can get a discount on their purchase while using their card.


Black Friday Special Deals on Daraz: Best Buys

Promotions, vouchers, and free delivery are great but people mainly look for price drops and discounts. So we also looked for exclusive products and deals on Daraz’s Black Friday section. The website shows discounts on some models of laptops, tablets, washing machines, printers, clothes, home appliances, accessories, wireless Bluetooth earphones, computer accessories, beddings, and many other products.

In the case of smartphones, there are very few deals. There are discounts showing for a few feature phones but Poco F3 GT is the only smartphone with a small price drop during the sale. The tablet section has a few products with discounts. Amazon Fire tablets are also available for purchase in Daraz with some price drop but their MRP is exceptionally high. Similarly, there are quite a few laptops, printers, and computer peripherals in the offer available for purchase.

Daraz sellers are providing discounts on some home appliances and consumer electronic items as well. This includes washing machines from Whirlpool, CG, Beko, LG, Samsung, Haier, and Panasonic. There are also offers available on TVs from CG, Haier, Hisense, Mi, and Palsonic. Air conditioners, microwaves, water heaters, and chimneys also have reasonable price drops. In our view, there are more deals in consumer electronics and home appliances products. So definitely have a good look at the offers and deals.

Top Deals for Daraz Black Friday

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