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Daraz First Games Nepal Details

Daraz Nepal has announced a new program called Daraz First Games (DFG). It is a new program where users can play free online games inside the main app and win rewards, redeemable points, and get vouchers for shopping. This is in collaboration with the Paytm First Games of India. Daraz and Paytm are partnering in this and users can take benefit of the better gaming platform. DFG brings entertaining games of different genres into a single app and offers rewards to its users.

Mobile gaming is a growing industry. People use their smartphones more and more these days. They are also playing more on their smartphones. It is because mobile phones are now in more hands than ever. This increase in the reach of technology is changing the digital media consumption pattern. Previously people used to watch movies and play games on their computers and consoles. But people are now more into mobile gaming because they are easily accessible and many of them are free. Daraz Nepal is addressing to those people with the new DFG.

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In the Daraz First Games, users can play casual games of various genres and categories. They can play and compete with friends and family. Most importantly users can get reward points which can be redeemed as vouchers. These shopping vouchers can be used to make purchase in the platform. It means users get both entertainment and good return. We also tried some games and it is pretty fun. If you have the Daraz app on your phone and want to play games occasionally then it is a good addon.

Daraz First Games Details and Overview

First of all, it is very simple to get this. All you need is the official Daraz app from the Google Play store. Then just sign in using your account or signup to make a new account. Then you directly jump into the DFG section and enjoy. It is very simple to start gaming in the app. Users don’t need any dedicated application for this. In the Daraz First Games section, you can find many titles of various genres. Mostly there are casual titles that are easy to play and entertaining as well. I also played a few games and found them entertaining. Obviously the motive of my competitive playing was to win the voucher for shopping.

In the DFG, you can choose from various games and play. You can play single or multiplayer as you prefer. In some cases, you play alone and make high scores and go to the leaderboard. The people in top positions get the rewards and prize. The reward points can give you cash and shopping vouchers up to Rs 1600. This is mostly available in games with tournaments, leaderboard scores, and battle history. Players who make to the top positions are awarded different cash prizes. The platform is free and there is no charge to participate and play.

List of Games in DFG

  • Ludo
  • Candy Match
  • Hot blood Hunter
  • Cooking Master
  • Block Puzzle
  • Bike Racing 3
  • Uphill racing 2
  • Kick-’em
  • Bubble Shooter HD
  • Ninja Duo
  • Chor Police
  • Clown Pop
  • 3D Highway Racer
  • Origami Jump
  • Memory Tile
  • Daily Solitaire
  • Snake vs Cubes

These are some of the titles that were available when we tested the application on 2020/06/06. The list might change and update according to the time. The Daraz First Games section actually opens a dedicated different section in the app and offers different genres. There is an “Arena” section as well where all multiplayer titles and tournaments are displayed. You can choose different games there. The internet speed requirement is also not that high because we tested all in 4G mobile data.

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Daraz requires users to be above 18 to play these titles and participate. More details are available in their terms and conditions. DFG is a good addition to the Daraz app because it now provides gaming options to its users. On top of everything, the rewards are tangible and actually give real value as cash prize and vouchers. Some people don’t install games on their phone but might have the Daraz application for shopping. In that case, it can give a chance for occasional playing and getting something.

We tested the game in 4G data and it ran well. The genres are casual and made for light entertainment. As mentioned earlier, it is in partnership with Paytm so you will see that in the games. Users can play single or join tournaments. Users can also play one to one with friends and family as well. This makes it a bit social too. Games are quite good for time pass and getting rewards. This is a good addition by the company and they should make this even better by smoothening and expanding the catalog.


Daraz Nepal wants to cater to the growing mobile gaming market with innovative approach. The company is constantly working to fulfill the digital entertainment need. This is one step and they are planning to add more titles in different genres and expand the platform to reach more users in future.

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