Daraz Nepal offering 3 lakh discounted products on 11.11 sale 2019

Daraz 11.11 Sale 2019 Details

November 11 is coming near and Daraz Nepal has officially announced the initiation of 11.11 Single’s day sale or EkDinKoSale. This started from last year after acquisition from Alibaba. In China, November 11 is celebrated as singles day as it is the date made with the just digit one. Alibaba started the trend of hosting sales on that day since 2009. Since then it is a success. The 11.1 sale is one of the world’s biggest sale days according to volume and transactions. This year also Daraz is preparing to do it big with more than 3 lakh (3,00,000) discounted products.

Daraz organized an official press meet at the Marriot Hotel in Kathmandu to start the event. We were also present at the meeting. The press meet was attended by company officials and Nabil Bank’s CEO, Anil Shah. The 2018 Singles day sale was a starting event for the company and they say that they are learning new things and improving. The company saw a huge growth in sales and traffic during the event day.

Last year there were more than 2 lakh (2,00,000) visitors through the mobile app. Around 1000 sellers participated but this year everything is getting bigger. There are about 3000 sellers and over three hundred thousand products with offers and price drops. Daraz expects 3.5 lakh (3,50,000) visitors this year. They are focusing more on the app and their last PR stated that there will be special discounts on the mobile app. We also published one article giving the best tips to avoid problems on Daraz 11.11 sale day.

Learning and Improving

The PR says that Daraz got a good response last year. It was their first November 11 sale but they learned a lot. The company is learning from its mistakes and it is improving its weaker points. This time they are adding people for better logistics and customer support. They are also partnering with banks for payment solutions. MD of Daraz Nepal, Lino Ahlering said that they are confident in providing the best possible service to their customers.

This time the biggest prize is the Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally. Only one lucky winner can win that prize. However, there are many discounts on various products and there are many special schemes. There is Shake Shake, Daraz Saathi, Flash Sale, Early bird offer and vouchers. During Mega Sale, credit or debit cardholders of NIBL, Nabil, Sanima, Mega and Standard Chartered Bank can avail discounts up to 20% or a maximum of Rs 3500. This is a very good offer actually and we also like it because it is a sure shot thing.

This time in order to make everything smooth, the company is investing a lot. They started planning and work a few months ago. The company is also providing free training to its sellers. This time the number of sellers is also higher and none of the parties want a problem. Customers want good products at a good price, sellers want good sales and margin while Daraz wants good profit. The benefit of every party is only in a sustainable environment. So we hope everyone plays fair.


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