Daraz Nepal starts selling two wheeler vehicles: Online Vehicle purchase!

Daraz Nepal starts selling two wheeler vehicles

The online market is very new to this world and for Nepal, it is more like a baby. eCommerce and online shopping are in the development phase but Daraz is taking it into the next space. Most of us buy items such as clothes, smartphones, accessories, electronics, etc on online portals. But now, Daraz Nepal is selling two-wheelers on their website. This is a big deal because it is a very new thing for the Nepali market.

Daraz is partnering with TVS and NIU for this initiation. They are now selling motorcycles and scooter. TVS is a very big Indian motorcycle manufacturing company. Its headquarters is in Chennai. They sell many petrol bikes and scooters. NIU is a special one because they are electric scooter company. They are also very popular in the electric vehicle field.

The tagline for this new initiation is “Ride This New Year with Daraz”. It is actually a new announcement from the company alongside their ongoing New Year Sale 2076. Daraz is providing different offers to buyers on various products. They are giving discounts and free gifts to vehicle buyers as well. The platform is providing free helmets with every purchase which is a good thing. They are also selling bikes at discounted unique rates. People can also get free accessories which can be worth Rs 15,000.

Purchasing Vehicles Online

This might sound scary to a lot of peoples as motorcycles and scooters cost a lot. Daraz is just a middleman in this deal. People who want to buy a new ride can go to the site and book the vehicle they like. This gives them a special discount assured by the company. Currently, TVS is giving a free helmet and Rs 10,000 discount. On the other hand, NIU is giving free accessories that cost around Rs 15,000. These are the things people can get when they buy from the website.

As of now, this service is only available inside Kathmandu valley. People need to get their vehicle from store themselves by paying the full amount. They also need to pay the registration charges. All other procedures are as normal and the only things people get are discount, offers, and gifts by this process.

Jagadamba Motors is selling TVS while NIU Nepal is selling their products themselves. The purchase process is a bit lengthy here. First customers need to place an order and after that Daraz will verify the order. After completing verification, money needs to be deposited in a given account. After payment, the buyer needs to go to the designated store and show their ID with an order number. Then after final verification from staff, they can take their new motorcycle or scooter with them.

New Card Payment System

Daraz is trying to do new things in the online sector and now they are also going to start taking payments from Visa card. The service will start from the new year or Baisakh 1st (April 14th). Nepali users will be able to purchase using their domestic Visa debit or credit cards. Daraz is partnering with Nabil bank for this service. Nabil bank is going to provide service of payment gateway.

Users need to make sure that their card is activated for online payment. Do contact your bank regarding this matter. Then they can simply put their card information while making payment. Users get OTP and after entering they can make payment. Currently, Visa is only supported. We might see MasterCard and Amex support later.

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