Daraz 11.11 Ek Din Ko Sale
Daraz Ek Din Ko Sale 2019 Tips and tricks

Daraz is full ready with its platform to initiate the 24 hour Single’s day sale for 2019. This is their second iteration and they are very positive towards it. Tomorrow on November 11th (Kartik 25) this event is happening. The company is promising 3,00,000 discounted products and around 3000 sellers. They are also expecting 3,50,000 visitors through the app and website. Therefore in order to have good engagement and make customers happy, the company is partnering with brands and offering vouchers discounts, giveaway during the Daraz 11.11 sale of 2019.

In our last article about discounts on Daraz products, we wrote about different offers and special schemes. Major attractions are vouchers, flash sale, brand vouchers and exclusive launch. One of the best ways to get a discount is by using credit or debit cards from selected banks. This includes Standard Chartered, Nabil, Sanima, NIBL, NIC Asia and Mega Bank. Cardholders of these banks can get up to 20% discount or Rs 3500 off.

One of the schemes is named “Early Bird”. It starts at 12 AM and ends at 1 AM. Lucky customers can get free delivery and vouchers as well. Daraz advises users to download the app and add the products they wish to buy in the cart to get offers. Various brands are also offering discounts on their products like Dell, Fantech, Whirlpool, Yasuda, Goldstar, Adidas, Byanjan, etc. Companies are offering a price drop anywhere from 30% to 80%. Adidas and Sonam are giving up to 70% discount on selected products. Similarly, in some Goldstar products, there is 25% off while Titan is also providing 35% off.

Exclusive Launches and Deals

Just like last year, Daraz is partnering with smartphone brands to do exclusive launches. One of the main attractions is the launch of OnePlus 7T Pro and it is priced at Rs 99,999 in Daraz Mall. This means it is being sold by an authorized OnePlus distributor. These phones are expected to have good deals on 11.11 sale. The pre-order of the latest Apple iPhone 11 Pro is also beginning on the sale event day. We also expect new Xiaomi Redmi phones to launch tomorrow on the platform so let us see.

The press release from Daraz also states that there will be price drops on consumer electronics products from Samsung, Media, Videocon, and Homeglory. Huawei P30 128 GB variant and Redmi Note 7 Pro 6 GB models are also getting price cut. Daraz says that they have made various preparations for the Singles day 2019 sale. We are also expecting to see some good offers to bag.

Daraz’s statement on Pricing

Since few weeks and last year also we saw different news regarding differential pricing and high pricing of products in Daraz’s site. Now the company has made things clear with its new official statement. On the topic of differential pricing, the company says that it is due to the sellers. Daraz is a marketplace with various sellers and they put the pricing. It all depends on the stores so we recommend you to check prices at different places and also see the seller rating.


In order to get the best products from a reputed store, purchase from Daraz Mall. There, companies sell at official MRP and charge reasonably. Customers can also easily return goods within 14 days if any problem arises. Daraz also explains about the elevated price tag and heavy discount on their statement. It says that as pricing is controlled by sellers, the offer is also controlled by them. But once the discount percentage is fixed with Daraz, they can’t change the price and it is not allowed. However, the retailers can hike it very before and play with customers. Therefore buy from reputed sellers and stores with good ratings.


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