Daraz Seller Sahayatri Program: Subsidy to Support Local SMEs

Seller Sahayatri Program

The offline retail market is closed due to the national and international COVID-19 lockdown. Many people are now buying essential goods online. Few eCommerce platforms are operating in Nepal to provide the necessary goods. In this situation, Daraz is running a new Seller Shayatri Program. They are helping brick and mortar stores to get online and provide direct support. It provides support to small-and-medium enterprises (SME) and subsidy. They have many initiatives under this program to boost the business that wants to get online.

Different countries and governments are providing stimulus packages to rejuvenate the economy. As the economic activities and industries are on halt, the whole global economy is taking a hit. Various sectors are taking initiatives to improve the situation. People are now purchasing essential goods such as medicine and food from online stores more. Many offline retailers also now want to get their business online to sell products. In this case, Daraz wants to help.

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Under the Daraz Seller Sahayatri Program, the company is helping businesses to set up an online store. They are providing direct help and also taking no marketplace fees. Daraz Nepal is providing support and subsidy up to Rs 55,00,000. Globally there is a stimulus package of around half a million USD from the company. Many people are employed in the SME sector and it has huge importance in the country’s GDP. This is why it is important to rejuvenate the enterprise and industry.

Initiatives, Benefits of Seller Sahayatri Program

There are many things that Daraz is doing to help small and medium enterprises. Some of their supports are listed below.

  • Providing one-to-one help for setting up the store.
  • Free business consultation.
  • Free marketplace access until June 2020.
  • Access to analytics and tools.
  • Access to Daraz University where users can take training on eCommerce and platform operation.
  • Weekly payout till June 30th
  • Improved visibility in the app and special campaigns.

There are other support subsidies of more than Rs 55 lakh. Daraz states that these steps will help to improve the situation of eCommerce and sellers. We all are seeing increased online activity worldwide. Every sector including online shopping is growing during this period. Brick and mortar stores want to take the benefit of this opportunity and want to cater to the market. This campaign can push the market condition and bring many sellers online. New sellers can signup from their seller center and start the business. There are special helplines if you need any help

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You can make a business account on the site. However, you do need PAN or VAT registration for joining. This is a requirement from the Nepal Government. We also encourage businesses to use free tools and analytics to improve performance and take benefit of the platform.

Online Shopping and Economy during the lockdown

Online shopping is a growing industry in Nepal. It is not as famous as in other countries due to many reasons. One of the reasons is the strong offline retail market and people’s love of brick and mortar shops. Then there are issues such as online payment, delivery, and other policies. But during this lockdown, almost all the shops are shut. Thus many people are resorting to online shopping. It is pushing eCommerce activities by a huge margin. Now many people are learning about it.

Local retailers also want to open a store online and sell their products. Physical stores are down so the economy is struggling. But if more sellers get online then they can provide people with the necessary good. This with careful delivery can help maintain good social distancing as well. People already have payment options such as card, eBanking, and cash on delivery. Daraz’s Seller Sahayatri program looks like a good push that is necessary for the market in the current situation.


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