PC repairing and maintenance guide for Nepali
PC repairing and maintenance guide for Nepali

Many people have a desktop in their homes. Before the laptop bloom and before they were cheap, desktop was the cheap answer. Still power users prefer desktop for better performance and stability. Laptop is mostly for portability and power. Desktops cost lower in long run compared to laptops. They have lots of benefits but they need regular maintenance and repairing. So in this guide, we will share our experience and ideas.

Desktops are great because, people have wide variety of choice for every components. They can focus on just one thing and make it better while leaving components as it is. This is not the choice is Laptops. Like if a person wants just storage they can just add more hard drive and use it as storage setup. If anyone wants to watch movies, YouTube in high resolution, they can put more money in Monitor and Graphics.

Other benefits includes, easy maintenance process. If any part of computer is damaged or needs upgrade, work can be done easily. The story in laptop is very different because users generally can’t even remove keyboard or change RAM easily. So cheapest modular and best option is desktop if there is space and good power.

Our team consists of tech enthusiast and we fix computers a lot. So these are our suggestions, advice to keep your desktop up to date:

Cleanliness: This is first and foremost important thing. PC performance decreases when computer is dusty or dirty. Clean your CPU by opening the case using screws at the back. Mostly there are thumb screws for easiness. Use electrical blower with care or you can use cloth, painting brush to clean the dirt. If you are confident and know components well, then take our components and clean them individually for better results.

Dirty fans and components cause less cool air flow and results in overheating. This reduces performance and decreases life of the PC. Clean your computer at-least once in every 6 months. Increase the frequency according to your ambient conditions.


Heating and Ventilation: After cleaning is done thoroughly, next important thing to look out is heating, airflow and ventilation. All computer parts are electronics, so they generate heat. They need cooling and most users use air cool method. Only very few use liquid cooling systems. Fans get old and don’t perform like they should with time and usage. They get noisy and flow less air in less pressure.

The best solution is to change them in time before they create problem by stopping suddenly or sorting. CPU Fan usually costs around Rs 500 while CPU Side fan for casing costs Rs 200. Now many people neglect it but while changing CPU Fan users must take care of thermal compound or paste. It is usually put between heat-sink and processor or other heat producing component.

We suggest to change it after few years like 2 years. They dry up and the conducting capacity is decreased. It costs about Rs 100 per syringe. The applicator looks like a syringe as shown in image above.

While using CPU casing side fans or even using desktop CPU, users must take care of air flow. Most fans inside the CPU are put in exhaust mode. The fan in power supply or back side are made to send hot air out. So in order to keep everything cool, we must clear up and easen the path of air. Make sure the air vents in the side are open and not disturbed. Keep your CPU in less conjugated place where it can intake good volume of air easily.


Software: Our suggestion is to always update your software. Use the latest drivers as far as possible. Use company’s official site to download drivers. Mainly processor, motherboard and graphics card manufacturer are important. They keep all updated drivers. Always keep your manual and CD/DVD that came while purchasing with you. If the PC is old and new drivers for new OS can’t be found, better settle with stable OS and driver for the computer. But users can try with new OS and see how it performs and has baked in drivers or not.

These are the things about maintenance, now these are some important points and hints to see while repairing your computer. There are many variable but we have listed some most common issues.

  1. Sudden Closing of Computer:  This happens mostly due to Processor overheating, OS issue or BIOS problem. Try to clean the CPU cooler and see if the heat sink fits tight with the processor as it should.
  2. Computer not starting: Mostly this occurs if there is problem in RAM, processor or power supply. Most of the time it is problematic RAM. Try changing slots or modules. Sometimes computers also don’t start when the voltage supply is very low. We have seen this issue in several areas in past.
  3. BIOS or CMOS settings reset: This indicates the faulty hardware or ending battery of motherboard. Check you new hardware or new overclock setting. Try changing the mainboard battery. Usually these battery may need replacement at around 4-5 years.
  4. Freezing of Computer: It can be the issue of software, Hard Disk, Processor or Memory. Problematic old hard disk, failed overclock or BIOS settings and bad RAM can cause these errors. We also suggest removing problematic software or also formatting and installing new clean copy of Windows.


There are so many problems and we can’t tell solution of all. We are trying to compile and help with most common issues. Our suggestion is to make the best use of your products. If you are buying new computer or component, but the best you can in your budget. If you can increase the budget, always opt for better one for future expansion option purpose. Formatting and installing clean copy of Windows and new updated software can keep the experience fresh and help you enjoy you computer.


  1. One of the most common problem we have faced in our setup is computer not starting. This could be due to faulty memory,motherboard or not enough power. For later i suggest to get a good Power Distribution Unit( P.D.U) and please for god sake don’t buy cheap P.D.U available at market.Because,

    They are cheap and are not efficient. I recommend P.DU from reputed Brands such as APC.Unfortunately they are not available here.

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