eCommerce, Online Shopping websites that ship to Nepal

Websites that deliver good to Nepal

There are lots of online shopping websites in Nepal and they are good. They provide lots of different goods, items in time at a reasonable price but we have to accept the reality that no website has everything. Nepali sites don’t have all the things we want, need or desire. Another fact is that, sometimes ordering some goods from abroad is still cheaper than buying here. We know all the troubles and problems so we have listed few websites we know. This is the list of some eCommerce, Online Shopping websites that ship to Nepal.

We regularly ask our friends and relatives living in abroad to bring us good that we need. The problem is that they come less frequently like once a year or once in two year. That is a very big time to wait and not a good solution of you want something urgent.

There are types of shipping like regular, express and expedited. The fees are dependent upon the delivery period product weight, company and location. We have come up with some good and trusted online shopping websites for you. Everything aside, the main problem can be payment for almost all people. For that, we suggest asking people with PayPal, International  Master or Visa cards.

Deal Extreme (

This website is commonly known as Deal Extreme actually specializes in gadgets, electrical and electronics. They have a section called $0.99 where they sell products under 1 USD. Users can get free shipping with tracking for all products above 15 USD. They do deliver products to Nepal for free.



It is a very big website with various product categories. This is a subsidiary of world famous Chinese B2B website Alibaba. People can buy wide range of products from They also offer product tracking feature for free delivery. Our friends ordered ball bearings for robot and it arrived in one month. The delivery man called the product owners to a public place and handled it to them. AliExpress deals with electronics, automobiles, garments and much more.


Gearbest ( is also leading eCommerce website which ships products to Nepal. They have lots of great and original mobile phones various companies including Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo etc. Just like AliExpress they also have extended range of products such as clothing, consumer electronics, gadgets, toys, power tools and much more. We have seen many people order Xiaomi Mi Band, Chinese phones, drones and other items from GearBest to Nepal.

Amazon and Ebay


These guys are the giant of this industry and yes they do ship to Nepal. The solution or the difficulty is finding the supplier who delivers to Nepal or Globally. Finding a supplier who has the required product and also export can be a bit difficult but not much. Some take charge while some deliver for free.

Note: Our Suggestion is to use P.O. Box if possible because there are cases that the product is misplaced when there is no P.O. Box.

Summing Up

Above listed websites are famous and supposed to be very credible. We have seen them bring products to Nepal in good quality. However, we don’t give any guarantee or take any responsibility for the products delivery and their condition. We are just sharing our knowledge.

The major problem we felt is payment and it is serious. NRB still doesn’t allow international online payment. You will have to ask for help from friends and relatives in this matter. At least they won’t have to bear the burden of bringing stuff with them. This list is small, if you have good experience with other companies drop it in the comments below and we will add it.


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