EVO Gamepad pro 2 full gaming review and experience

EVO Gamepad Pro 2 Review

Earlier this month, Amkette made its debut by launching EVO Gamepad Pro 2. This is the sequel to EVO Gamepad. It has tagline “The Next Level of Smartphone Gaming. But is it any good? Or it disappoints the users like its predecessor? This product launched as an Amazon India exclusive but we got our hands on it. It competes with gamepads and controllers from other reputed brands such as Mad Catz and Steel series. In comparison it is fairly cheap. We did a EVO Gamepad pro 2 full gaming review with our Galaxy S6 Edge+ and we want to share our experience with you.

Smartphone gaming is on the rise these days. People have very powerful smartphones and they can do gaming very well. New phones are coming with bigger display and very powerful hardware. However, screen touch may not be the best experience for gamers. Also there is limited amount of control when there are lots of things in a screen. In this situation, the gamepad for smartphones help a lot. Thus we are using the Evo Gamepad to check the experience.

Evo Gamepad Pro 2 Design

At a first look, the controller looks like an ordinary gaming console joystick. In deeper inspection we see the reality. At center of the controller there is holder for mobile. We tested with our Galaxy Note 5 with easy so we can say that it can handle big phones easily. It uses a 6 inch clip can hold up-to 5.5 inch devices. It works on Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity. The gamepad is compatible with most Android devices out there. Therefore almost every mobile gamer can enjoy this device.

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Inside there is 400 mAh rechargeable battery. This gives almost 12 hours continuous gaming experience with ease. The key mapping is also very comfortable. The design is done keeping comfort in mind.  Evo gamepad is very comfortable to hold and the rubber grips around the holding area provides more comfortable and premium feel. The body of this gadget is a complete plastic build but it has premium looks.

Experience and gaming sessions

What matters the most is good gaming experience. We tested some games on our phone with this controller and in short it is very entertaining. Our tests included games like Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and more. We had a good experience with FPS titles like Dead Trigger 2 using the analog triggers, sticks and buttons. The gaming sessions were very good. Controller gives a lot of comfort and makes gaming sessions much better. It is not a console experience but it is somewhat close.

The game-pad feels quite heavy when we put the phone but that is natural. Users can even use the included tablet stand and enjoy their favourite gaming titles in big screen. Actually when the device is clipped on, it becomes top heavy and topples. That is the major disadvantage of this device. The controller comes with an App and it provides good functionality.

There are labeling on the box which says that users can play on Tablet and TV as well. Just to clarify, it means that a person can play their titles on an android tablet or mirror it to the TV using HDMI or WiFi. One cannot directly play games on their TV.

EVO Gamepad 2 Box Unpacked
EVO Gamepad 2 Box Unboxing

Wrap-up and Conclusions

Amkette claims that the gamepad supports 400+ gaming titles. And so far we haven’t got any problems with the support for titles like Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger, etc. We spent nearly a week testing the gadget on multiple devices and playing multiple titles. The gameplay is a bit sluggish and the controller tends to disconnect between gameplay sessions. It is a bit unresponsive sometimes. Maybe it is the latency.

But we like the nifty features of this smartphone game controller. Users can use it as a mouse to navigate through the device. Also one can get a decent and comfortable gaming experience and as it says on the box, one can “Play like a Pro. However, this device is best for beginners. This cool gaming gadget and it is available in the Nepal for around NPR 5,500. You can also buy it in a very low price in Nepal at Rs 4,999 from ShopLife.


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