Best Camera Smartphones
Best Camera Smartphones

There is famous saying “Budget lets you decide what is worth spending your money on.” Few years back when I used a Nokia 1100 just after its arrival I was amazed at its power. It was the best thing after cordless. Slowly as camera integration started then we realized that a better camera in a smartphone can make life so much easier. You don’t need a digital camera if you have a good decent camera but DSLR are exceptions for enthusiasts.

Some people always complain that smartphone manufacturers always bring the smartphones with just camera with increased Mega pixel and some say mega pixel isn’t just what decides the quality of picture. Some part of these statement is true and some is left to be explained. Samsung recently launched Galaxy S6 Edge with 16 MP f/1.9 camera and did same with Galaxy Note 5 but there have been minor improvements that made the phone better actually. The new OIS for pictures was in old one which made pictures stable with shaky condition and in new generation even video is stabilized. The megapixel doesn’t bring quality and professional photos, modes like Macro mode, selected focus and other filter do by higher MP means higher detail captured. It is always better to have a highly detailed natural looking picture. After the new update even Galaxy S6 can now provide RAW image.

iPhone vs Samsung Camera: Biggest Debate

Lets be clear here and not hurt anyone’s feeling on smartphone support. Many people say that iPhone despite having low resolution camera like 8 MP and 12 MP takes better video and photos. I have personally tested both Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 camera in all condition. We found that the pictures of iPhone looked better because of Retina Display only but it also made be unnaturally white with its filters. Actually the pictures were smooth but when zoomed in started pixelating soon but pictures taken with Galaxy S6 or Galaxy A5 which have more mega pixel power thus gave sharper, natural look and when zoomed in using computer performed better. Somehow the software and processing power of iPhone aced at some places like shutter speed, exposure and HDR pictures. To be honest I was able to read name of a place 1 KM away with picture taken in Galaxy A5 rather than taken from iPhone 6.

Moto X Pure 2015
Moto X Pure 2015

Within few years the market’s biggest supplier Samsung launched some interesting phone with much improved camera. In 2014 October Samsung Galaxy A5 was released with a 13 MP f/2.0 camera but at mid price range of $400 and not even 12 months has passed, Galaxy J5 and J7 were launched with same 13 MP camera but improved f/1.9 aperture lens with better software support at a budget range of $200. This shows that technology world will show us better things every year.

Moto X Pure is a $399 phone that provide a 21 MP camera which is a lot of pixels and the phone is also awesome. I know the need of a good camera and having a tight budget. You can’t always go with a camera and it is unpredictable when you need a camera. Not only a camera but a better camera with fast shutter, a lot of pixel packing capacity and vivid photography power. The old Galaxy K Zoom is now just show room model because the new slim phone like Xperia Z can take better pictures which comes at lower price actually. Best part of these Sony phones with high-speed camera is that their image and motion registration is so fast it seems like natural.



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