Facebook Haching and Recovery
Facebook Haching and Recovery

The biggest social media network Facebook has a huge impact on lives of online consumers and these days the Facebook account or profile is very important in many ways. From basic communicating, keeping updated with friends, families, news and social status as well. There are many types of people, creeps, enemies and strangers outside who want to hack your account and get information, blackmail you, defame you or just have fun. Regardless of the motive the tension that a owner gets is massive.

We have worked with many of such people but never got into any case because most of them went to police or didn’t care. Facebook can cause serious troubles sometimes and according to Cyber crime investigation department of Nepal Police, crime related to Facebook profile is one of biggest cyber crime in Nepal. Be careful because the illegal works which include defaming, blackmailing, extortion and information stealing etc have high penalties.

This started when my relative got their Facebook profile hacked and it was a great headache to prevent the information stealing in time. I was having nightmares about the defame, blackmailing and every other things. It is always told that people should be away from Police, Hospital and Court so I thought lets try to focus on recovering the hacked Facebook account by own. Lets break down the analysis and investigation into parts so that we can learn it easily.

Hacking and Possible Cause


Website hacking include SQL injection, brute force attack for login pages and some people can steal information including credentials over unprotected web transfers which don’t have secure protocol. These tech giants have (https) instead of (http) which is hyper text transfer protocol secure. They use SSL certificate which is insured of protecting the information exchange between server and client. They have heavily armed protection so the Brute force isn’t easy unless you are another tech giant that have good surveillance authority and power. What is Brute Force Attack? It is a type of attack where computer tries to crack the system password by trying and matching every possible keywords like alphabets, numbers and special characters. This can take very huge time regarding the password length and computers power. This is actually not possible by normal hackers.

Then comes Phishing which is the most famous way to exploit someone’s credential. It is actually using a fake page that resembles the look of original website. When the user inserts their login information their password and username are captures. This is why everyone should be really careful while using someone else’s computer, mobile and public computers at Cyber Cafe.

Keylogging is the method of targeting a users login info using spy software. They are actually virus and can see what you are doing. If you are careful you can prevent them. These malware spread though software, web pages, downloads, cracks etc. These techniques also include taking advantage of such venerable people by using phishing, scams etc.

In our view Social Engineering is the most sophisticated way to get someone’s credential because it is psychological manipulation which is done to trick someone. These people get confidence, study people and get the password username. For example someone is die hard fan of a football club and a player it has higher change that the user will have password related to those two objects. Hackers try the possible keywords around those objects and get their way in.

Prevention and Rapid Response

Once you know you have been hacked because you can’t login something fishy is going around. You will have to think of all the factors. As most of the hacking is trust breaking which includes phishing, keylogging and people sniffing up the cookies and saved passwords. It is very essential that you stop using old device that you were using because that might be infected so we recommend resetting phone, formatting your computer for the best. Tro to lo in from a new device which means a device that wasn’t used regularly before for using Facebook.


Once your account is hacked the first thing culprit does is changing the password and phone number associated with it and sometimes email as well. If the email is intact even not you can request a password reset for the account and gain access but the main problem we see every time is people don’t have access to the email account as well.

If this is the case then go to (www.facebook.com/hacked) then try to log in and it will say that your password was changed few days or weeks ago which is true because the criminal did it.

Step 1 FB Recovery
Step 1 FB Recovery

Now as obvious you didn’t made the change click on the given link and you are given two option which is to reset the password and lock the account.

Step 2 FB Recovery
Step 2 FB Recovery

Apparently most people can’t rest the account because they down’t have access so click on “Lock my account”, this will totally lock down the account and not you nor even the hacker can open the account because it is now pending verification. After locking you should try resetting the account and select that you have no access to the old email address than create a new email address with solid password.

Select the new email address for recovering the profile and you will be provided with a form where you should prove your true identity. The first thing you need is your Name, Date of birth and Facebook profile or timeline URL for example (www.facebook.com/deltadigitofficial). They will ask you to upload a Government issued ID like citizenship, drivers license, Passport etc. If you don’t have government document you can upload two ID card which match with the user’s name, DOB and matching picture. The details are available at their help site.

Proof and Advice

The name on ID, photos, DOB need to match with the information on profile so always be careful while putting information of you profile. Always use authentic name, DOB, profile pictures that is in ID cards. As you are the owner of your profile and have all legitimate documents you can easily get back your account and the hacker can’t.


Never ever click on suspicious links that someone has sen’t. They are mostly spam, phishing sites and key logging malware. Many of our colleges have been affected by these things from time to time. Always open links from trusted and authentic site, Facebook pages for information. Use antivirus in computer and clean your history, browsing data and cookies regularly. Be very careful while opening your accounts from public place like Cyber, pubic network or WiFi as well. These networks are vulnerable and may be spy networks too.

Be very careful while installing and downloading new apps, read the reviews, find the number of users and check credibility of developer. Use different password for different service and keep them safe by making them strong with use of all types of alphanumeric characters as possible, longer the better. Always share things carefully with people because you don’t now what they want and you truly don’t even know them as well.  If things go out of hand and the hackers start defaming, blackmailing you than contact police because they can track IP address, triangulate the cell phone and catch the culprit. Have a happy and safe browsing experience.


  1. Hello. I have a complete month missing from my account. It is very important proof of what I was really doing to clear a false charge against me. I know my Internet was hacked into and both of my phones. My new computer locked me out while I was searching for sent email that would expose the true. Is there anyway to get that month recovered so this nightmare can end? I pray that there is a way.

    • Do you mean that all your account activity were cleared? If yes and you have email notification enabled with your email account still secure, you can see those emails and use it as proof. All the activity are stored in email. I found that while recovering the email account and Facebook profile of my client victim.

      • Only the month that is in question is gone. Everything else is still there. March 2012 has no activity, posts, messages, comments, games played or photos….ect. it’s as if I just disappeared for a month. It was there until I was informed that I could use it as proof….then I, when I opened my activity log to print off the dates I needed, it was all gone! You say that I can go into my email to retrieve what used to be there? I’m not sure what to do but if I can get back those logs, I will do whatever it takes to learn how or step by step it! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I haven’t had much help and I have had to do this on my own…I paid a lot of money that was my hard to earned nest egg, to a lazy lawyer that did nothing but postpone, put off and tell me to take plea. I can’t believe this is happening. It’s like a Tom Selleck movie! I0 months of fear while I am stalked, harassed and hacked by people that (don’t exist). I’m not a crazy person. My life was normal until I was arrested on my birthday, while I was at work- in front of my customers! I thought they were strippers! Ha! That was the day that I began to learn how corrupt the world is and how easy it is to destroy someone, without them having a clue, just to stay in their destructive relm. Sad part is, your parents never taught you how to protect yourself from something like this. Love God, Work hard, do your best, be respectful, love, live and smile alot! Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and mind your own! If you don’t do wrong, you have nothing to fear. *News Flash! I got arrested for something that I had nothing to do with, they say that someone says was me (3 1/2 yrs ago)! Some young girl I helped to get a bus ticket home. Can you believe that? Anyways, sorry for that vent. Just so …frustrated!
        I will check my email for ,what I think you meant! Hope it hasn’t been deleted too. Thank you again. Sincerely, Ssndie

        • Really sorry to hear what happened. I also wrote this so many people can be saved and recovered. Many people don’t see their connected email that much and by default Facebook sends email to your account for everything like comments, message, your likes etc. I wish it would be there. Because for my client I found everything that happened with them, every chat, likes, shares, comments, invites, requests. So all history was there. We found 18000 unread emails. I wish you to find all the evidence and get all things back to normal.

          • So…you are talking about the email that comes with my fb account! Not gmail. Oh yeah, I have never even used that. I pray it’s all there! I was working til 3am and just got up to read this reply. I will find how to get to that email, right now! Keep your fingers crossed! Thank you!

          • I am really sorry if I wasn’t clear. Actually I meant the email of Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc that people use to create the account. These email address often get all the activity log and notifications. If you have the email account active you can find the log there if the email notification settings was on.

          • I am screwed then cuz they hacked in through my WiFi at home and any account logged into was at their disposal. They took over my security cameras and covered up anything that exposed them and I watched myself at home, live, while I was at work. How is that possible? I showed a few customers and they were in disbelief til I showed them proof of it being live home footage! It was all gone and put back the way they wanted it to look by the time I got home. They were showing me how helpless I am against them … that is what I’m up against. I have no proof left to clear me. I can’t believe this is happening…nothing iis real or safe . .. I just lost hope

          • This is the most intense and serious matter in cyber security I have ever heard in my life. I am really sorry to hear this and I pray everything gets okay with you. This thing is beyond normal hacking and spying.

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