Facebook Feed PreferenceFacebook Feed Preference

We read in others news and media that Facebook is testing new feature that lets people filter their Facebook news feed. We also got the survey option in our profile. At first it was in limited regions but now it is in Nepal too. The survey is dome is nine step and you have to choose between the post that you want to see the most. As we took the test we found that the decisions were hard. Out of 9 only 2 of the options were easy to decide. Other options were hard for us to decide so we selected “Cant Decide”.

The survey might be easy for the people who only like less pages because they have clear choices but for mass media and page likes like us. The feed preference is hard to choose. The reason is we all like the pages so we could get all the news and information from those pages.
We were able to do the survey in computer about 4 times and only in first survey we had to choose between a friend post and a media page. It was also a difficult decision. Other survey included decisions on two media company.

Facebook Survey
Facebook Survey
This is a survey and if the change are implemented we won’t be able to see many of the pages and feeds. Well to say the new experiment is both good and bad.
For people who like to see and read a lot of feeds and news to remain updated on many matters it is areal hard choice but for people who want to control the feed from overwhelming and unnecessary crowding posts it is great.

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