Facebook News Feed Survey: Positive Improvement Steps

Facebook News Feed Survey

A few days ago we read in others media outlets that Facebook is testing a new feature that lets people filter their feed. We also got the survey option in our profile. At first, it was in limited regions but now it is in available globally.  The survey is done in nine steps. Users are given mostly two choices. They have to choose between the post that they want to see the most. This Facebook news feed survey is to improve the quality of feed of users.

We also took the test we found that the decision making here is hard. Out of 9 only 2 of the options were easy to choose. Other options were hard for us to decide so we selected “Can’t Decide”. The survey might be easy for people who like fewer pages. It is because they have clear and fewer choices. But for people like us who follow lots of pages, it can be hard. Feed preference is very hard to choose. The reason is very simple. We all like the pages so we could get all the news and information from those pages.

We want their latest posts in our feed according to the time they publish. The desire is to get all updates serially or in chronological order. Facebook has improved its algorithm to show user best posts they might like. This survey is part of the same algorithm training process. They want to improve the choice and their software. However, there is an option to see the latest or recent posts as well. It is there for people to choose but there is a bit of digging in.

Survey, Improvements, and Changes

The survey is shown more in the desktop version of the Facebook site. Till now we have done 4 surveys. Among all of them, only once we were asked to choose among friend’s post and page’s post. It seems the company wants to prioritize family and friend’s post first. Then only give emphasis on pages. We know that some people might want to prioritize page feed overs friend’s feed.

Survey on Facebook Platform
Survey on Facebook Platform

If the choices are implemented, we may not be able to see posts from pages that we like. Actually, some users like us want to read news from all the pages we like. That is the reason we follow them. However, some people might have liked or followed the pages for support only. They might not be interested in their regular posts. For them, this survey can help. But here users are not a clear choice but rather they give types of media or content type choose from.

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For example, in the above picture in this post, there is a choice given between 9Gag and The Next Web. We are given to choose between them. We ticked on “Can’t Decide” because we really want to see posts from both of them. One is related to work and one is entertainment. So it is very important that we choose with care. Facebook regularly updates and improves its algorithm to increase engagement. This looks like one such step.


As users of Facebook, we want it to improve. We want more control over the news and posts we see. Many users want more privacy control and transparency. For many people, Facebook is a source of News. Moreover, it is a primary source of news for many people. It is because users can easily have a look at posts of various publication in one platform. Within one app, we can have a lot of access to content.

This is why everyone wants it to improve further. The new survey should definitely improve the user’s experience. We wish that the company implements some sort of filter so that we see recent and meaningful posts related to a certain topic when we search and desire. In conclusion, users want better news feed control and experience.

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