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Facebook is constantly developing new tools and algorithms to help the users. They are now more focused on content delivering. Before a few months they started survey option for new feed control. Now Facebook launched a new option named ” See first” using which a user can select the page and people of whom they want to see the news at first. This is new Facebook’s new tools for News Feed control.

The old survey option included options and you had to select among the two types of new you wanted to see in your feed. We found it had instead of making a easy choice so we had to select “Can’t Decide” more often. We still  use the option for better filtering.

This time you can particularly choose you friends and important pages so that you see their updates at the top of your feed when you load in. You will see a blue star near their name after you have increased their priority.

Inside Peek:

The tool actually manipulates the priority of the feed preference. You can either do nothing and they will come in feed as they used to or you can remove them by un-following them or increase their priority and set them as See first and you get all the updates at first on top.


Facebook Feed Control
Facebook Feed Control

Personally I have liked many pages and most of them include heavy media pages and news pages so most of my news and feed from friend’s are lost in it.

Now I can select most important family members, friends and pages to see their feed at top.

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