Facebook’s new tools for News Feed control

Facebooks new tools for news feed control

Facebook is constantly developing new tools and algorithms to help users. They are now more focused on better content delivering. A few months ago they started survey for new feed control. Now Facebook has launched a new option named “See First”.  Using this a user can select the page and people of whom they want to give more priority. This is new Facebooks new tools for news feed control.

The old survey option included two options. And users had to select among the two types of new you wanted to see in your feed. We found it a bit hard and confusing. Instead of making an easy choice so we had to select “Can’t Decide” more often. We still use the option for better filtering. The survey used to ask to choose between different types of pages.

This time, users have better clear choices. It is much better than other control options. A user can choose any page or friends and prioritize them. This gives the highest priority to the selected friend or page. All the posts come at the top of the news feed of a user. Whenever a user opens his or her Facebook page in computer or mobile, posts from the prioritized sources come at the top. It is very easy to make the change and this gives a lot of user flexibility. Users can easily choose what they want and don’t want.

Inside the “See First” Function

The tool actually changes the priority of the news from the profile. Users can either do nothing and they will come in the feed as they used to. If a page or person is in regular “Following” the news comes according to the algorithm. There is a way to see posts chronologically also. If we don’t want to see any posts from someone, we can unfollow them. However, if we want to see all posts every time they post, we can go the page or profile and choose “See First” This is under “Follow” or “Following” inside someone’s profile.

Facebook Feed Control See First
Facebook Feed Control See First

In the above-given photo, we can see how users can choose and set news priority. There are some cases, when we need to or want to get all the news instantly as they are published. Previously there were only two options, now there are three. It may be some publisher we like or friends we love a lot. It helps to keep updated with the sources always.

People tend to like many pages and have many friends. But we have personal choices and we want them in order. Some pages and people may be very important to us. So we may want to see each and every post or update. In this case, this feature helps us. For other pages and friends, we can rely on the algorithm to show the posts. Facebook uses a lot of indicators and metrics to rank posts and shows to users.


Each user is different and their behavior is also different. So different posts are shown to a user. The posts that can create the best engagement are shown. One good example of positive use is this example. Personally, I like many pages and most of them include news media pages and entertainment so my feed is filled with those posts. However, I also need to see posts of my close friends. So now I can choose my close friends and pages that I want to see.

Feed and Engagement

People these days are using social media sites more and more. For some people, the Facebook news feed is the way to get their news primarily. For some, it is the way to connect with family and friends. A lot of posts can be overwhelming for some people. So Facebooks new tools can bring good options to them.

When people themselves choose what they want to see, engagement rises. This is simply because it is confirmed that the posts from the selected sources will be engaging for the user. Such great new options or tools can benefit the company and users positively. Social Media surfing is entertaining as we get the dopamine kick but we must also be careful to not be an addict.

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