Google AMP and FB AI
Google AMP and FB AI

Google’s ambitious project Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) has been rolled out globally to public. Facebook also started serving web pages with selected publishers via Instant Articles. These technologies helped to deliver mobile web pages instantaneously which is roughly 10 times faster than normal load time. Now it is being rolled out exponentially and it will change whole internet browsing. Learn how to get Fast browsing with Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles.

These new technologies show slimmed down and fast version of web pages which is amp.html. About a year ago, Google initiated the project of Accelerated Mobile Pages with many publishers to cope with the problem of slow browsing and mainly for mobile consumption. Then Facebook also started its own platform which was rolled out earlier but only for selected big publishers. Instant Articles will be available for everyone from April 12.

We deployed these technologies so we tested our website for both AMP & FBIA. We are ready and good to go. We will be starting these services slowly as soon as some problems are resolved.

Support and adoption

Google is already indexing search AMP pages by giving it higher priority. AdSense, Analytics, YouTube, WordPress, Taboola and many other tech platforms have started support for AMP. We believe as soon as FBIA will be made public its support will also be increased.


Delta Digit Accelerated Mobile Pages Example
Delta Digit Accelerated Mobile Pages Example on different browsers

When we implemented the plugins to enable these new features e had problem in styling the  pages, video embedding and adding related articles. Many things are missing and of-course they will be added in near future as soon as the development starts furiously because it is open source project.


With our test of both services we have found it very promising and it will revolutionize the internet. The web pages on mobile load instantaneously because there are no scripts that hinder rendering of pages, it reduces the bounce rate because pages open fast. Even in worlds second slowest internet providing country on earth (Nepal)  we found really amazing result. Pages loaded faster than expected, which gave it amazing experience because all people want is content.

Facebook Instant Articles on Delta Digit
Facebook Instant Articles on Delta Digit

This definitely fulfills the goal of making internet better and valuable place. Providing high speed internet at cheaper rate is a big goal but these technologies help to provide best from what we have. It reduces the bandwidth demand and resources but with a compromise on looks of website. But for a healthy web, consumers are at top so delivery of content is most important and secondly benefits of developer lies second so that publisher can provide content.

This is why various revenue model are already working on this. We see a great and fast web in future with these amazing technologies and it will be absolutely necessary to join this movement. Apple New Format is another similar upcoming platform for iOS. If you are blogger and news publisher, be ready for it as we are with rest of the world.

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