Myntra and Flipkart Store in Nepal: Partnership with Sastodeal

Flipkart Store in Nepal

Sastodeal is one of the leading eCommerce websites in Nepal. They have been selling goods online and providing service for a long time. Now they have achieved a new milestone by partnering with Flipkart India. Sastodeal is now hosting products from Flipkart marketplace sellers. The Flipkart Store in Nepal allows Nepalese customers to order selected things from India to Nepal. Both companies have made a strategic partnership to provide Nepali customers with new products from Indian MSME. Along with this, the company has also added Myntra products. This is a good cross-border partnership that provides new products to Nepali users and market opportunities to Indian sellers.

It is a very big addition to the Nepali online shopping sector. Many people want products from International online stores. But people can’t get their hands on the products because of many reasons. First of all those companies don’t operate here. Secondly, they don’t ship to Nepal. So it is still hard for customers to get the desired products.

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This new partnership of Sastodeal allows Nepali users to buy selected items from sellers of Flipkart. It is a long process to import things from India. So, it can take about 14-21 days to get your things from India to Nepal. However, products of Flipkart’s private brand MarQ and Smartbuy will be shipped within 2 days. Many people want products and time may not be an issue. For those customers, this is a very good service. Also, new products and options are available to customers. The payment problem is also now solved because users can pay with Nepali payment instruments like domestic rupees cards. There is no need for an international card to pay for this.

Flipkart Sore in Nepal

The Flipkart Store in Nepal is hosted by Sastodeal’s website. This is a collaboration between two companies in two different countries. It is a cross border e-commerce strategy to connect customers and sellers. In reality, Flipkart is not completely stepping in. Only a separate section for Flipkart products is in Sastodeal’s website. In that section, there are products from their own bands like MarQ and Smartbuy. In addition, there are products from other Indian sellers and MSME. We can see various categories in the store section. This includes audio, auto accessories, baby care, toys, stationery, footwear, some furnishing, home improvement, mobile protection, personal care, women’s ethnic wear, and accessories. The collection is large and attractive.

The store has two types of items. One is from private label brands like MarQ and Smart Buy. Next are products from other brands and sellers. Delivery of goods from MarQ and Flipkart Smart Buy can be expected within 2 days. However other items from other brands can take about 21 days to reach your doorsteps. This is because the company needs to import from Indian. The cross-border official import procedure takes a long time. Our friends at Gadgetbyte have done a good explanation of this new partnership.

How to buy Flipkart products from Sastodeal

First of all, let us make one thing clear. You can’t just order anything from Flipkart India’s website. You can only purchase items that are shown in the store section of Sastodeal’s website. This means the choices are limited for now. Still, there are many items available in different categories. This will expand as time goes on. We do hope that the custom order feature arrives where we can browse products in the Flipkart India site and give order to Sastodeal, and they could import it here. For now, this is the standard procedure to order products.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Browse and search for the product
  3. Put the item in your cart
  4. Go to checkout
  5. Give all the necessary information
  6. Pay for the product

The ordering process is very easy and simple. Make the payment using your Nepali payment instruments like a domestic NPR debit or credit card. You don’t need an international USD card for this. This solves one main problem while purchasing products from international sellers. As we are now dealing with the Nepali company we can use a domestic card. By the way, most Indian companies who take payment in Indian currencies accept Nepali cards. Customers don’t have to worry a lot because payment, delivery, refund, and the warranty will be handled by Sastodeal.

Myntra Brand and Clothing

Myntra is owned by Flipkart India. This is why we can now get products from them as well. Myntra is well famous for apparel like clothes and shoes. They have different products for both men and women in Nepal. They are also offering 2 days delivery in many selected products. There are many brands in the store and this includes names like Here&Now, Mast & Harbour, Dressberry, Anouk, etc. The addition of Myntra store on Sastodeal has increased the number of options in clothing, footwear, and apparel section. Nepalese customers now have an increased amount of options for shopping.

Just like we told earlier, Myntra is also setting up a store. The sellers of India can now offer products to Nepali customers. There are only a few and selected items. This means there are limitations and it is not that we can choose from Myntra’s website and order anything. However, this is an initiation and it will certainly expand in the future and bring better options to users.

Growth of Online Shopping and Flipkart’s Entry

This partnership can be taken as the entry of Flipkart in Nepal. The company hasn’t officially stepped with the office and staff. But they are now selling their goods and services here. So we can take it as their entry on the Nepali market. It is actually a good thing. Nepalese people want more variety, options, and quality. But the main thing is that price should also be right. Users certainly compare the Indian price and Nepali price. A very high price difference surely disappoints everyone. Therefore the best solution is to price goods reasonably. However, we have to understand the extra charges levied during such international order including taxes.


The global pandemic situation has increased the online shopping trend. People want to maintain distance and reduce going out in public and crowd. This is why people are more attracted to online shopping everywhere. The eCommerce sites are seeing growth in traffic, use, and demand. So the entry of new service providers and integration is a positive thing. This new partnership is providing more options to users and it aids to improve the online business tradition.

These are good things and we take this new partnership as a positive development. Now we want to see the addition and expansion of the services. It would be great if we could give orders for other things from Flipkart’s website like smartphones, electronics, dress, or any other items. This feature has a huge scope and can prove to be more useful for users.

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