Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

I have researched a long time looking for free domain name registration. After a long time, discussion, study I finally found the best free domain name registrar and it was my county’s own famous registrar. Yeah guys my website is a CCTLD(Country Code Top Level Domain). It isn’t a sub domain that other people might think. Nepali Domain end with .np at the end. is the default geo-targeted to Nepal. Lets talk about free domain name registration for everyone of you. I have tried many of the registration providers but here is the short list of the famous ones and the good ones. After getting a domain name give a look at ways to get free web hosting also.

1) .np Domain Name Registration

Good news for Nepalese guys .np domain is only available for citizen’s of Nepal. Only Nepali organization or a Nepali Citizen. Just go to their site Mercantile  to proceed for registration. People can select the domain name they like (Citizens get domain name only on basis of their Name in Citizenship certificate, but the organization can get domain name after fulfilling certain criteria). Choose the domain extension ( or for personal use then fill out your information and upload your citizenship certificate scan. The approval might take  around 2 working days.

2) .in Domain Name Registration

Google and HostGator are providing free .in domain name and hosting exclusively for India. This offer is provided by India Get Online. You can go to their website and register the domain name. This service is actually to support growing small to large scale industry to make their presence online. This is a good initiative for a developing country and a good Geo Targeted domain system. provides the best free domain registration service.

3) .eu Domain Name Registration


European countries citizen can get a free .eu domain name by providing their legit information by accepting the policy that they will use the site for good and quality purpose. You can register the site at It is a powerful domain extension and great for European users because they can register the domain name for free.

4) .tk Domain Name Registration(.ca, .ga, .ml)

This is most famous domain name for free registration and this is for everybody. The registration is provided by All you need is to follow their policy and sign up with your Google, Facebook or any Social Account’s, you can also sign up without the. They also provide free DNS service for CNAME or A-A-Record. They also provide free .ca , .ga, .ml domain names registration. Each one is Geo Targetted Domain extension. I once used .ca domain and it is targeted to Central Africa.

5) Domain Name Registration (,,,,, is a famous and reputed domain registrar that gives various domain extensions for registration. It is recognized by multiple famous media companies and organization. More than 3.5 million domains have been registered by them. They have very good control panel and service.

In conclusion I would like to say that if you want to open a general site or an international web service and magazine go with a decent .com or .org etc but if you have opportunity of free domain in your country and you want your site to be country focused then CCTLD are best.
In conclusion I would say that if you want your site to be country or region focused get a CCTLD and if you want your site to be in international level get a .com or other general TLD.
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