Steps to Register free .np domain name in Nepal

Register free .np domain

Everybody wants free things and domain name is one of them. Business, institutions, organizations, e-commerce sites, news media, bloggers all need a domain. It may be for personal use or commercial use. In Nepal Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. provides free domain registration service. They do the registration of all .np extensions. Every Nepali citizen, organization and foreign entity can use this. So this our full guide with steps to register domain in Nepal.

There are certain criteria and rules for every CCTLD extension. Mercantile provides the most popular,,,, etc extensions. However, these all have some conditions. The rules are also written in Mercantile’s website. So in this guide, we want to primarily teach you how to register domain in Nepal. If you are an individual with citizenship you can get a domain registered very easily. All you need is a scan of citizenship and cover letter. It is different for organizations and corporate names. They need many documents and certificates.

Register Free Domain Name

The service is free and is provided by Mercantile Communications. registration is done by the National Information and Technology Center (NITC). Citizens can get a domain that matches to their name in their citizenship certificate. Same is the case for organizations and institutions. International organizations who have service in Nepal can also register just like ( These are the steps of registering a personal domain.

  1. Go to website.
  2. Search for the required domain name with the appropriate extension (
  3. If it is available you will be given the option to register.
  4. Create a new account or sign in with credentials and details. Email verification is done so users need to verify registration using a link that is sent through email.
  5. Enter the official details for both personal and organization. Individuals should leave the organizational detail section empty.
  6. Enter the primary and secondary name servers from your hosting provider or CDN like Cloudflare.
  7. Upload and submit all required scan of documents.

Users also need to send their scanned documents. Nepalese can upload their scan of citizenship, driving license or passport. In addition to basic informations, organizations should upload company registration document, PAN certificate, and a cover letter requesting the domain. Cover Letter is simply a document printed in official letterhead with the request from board members of the company. This document has signatures and provides appropriate authorization. After 1-2 working days, the email for successful registration comes.

Modifying DNS and Updating Information

In the future, it might be necessary to update Nameservers. For this just log in to the account and click on “Active Domains”. Then click on “Edit DNS” to change the Nameservers or click on “Edit Info” to edit other information. Many people may not know DNS because it is a bit technical. These are simply addresses of your hosting servers. When someone types the domain browser like Google Chrome, it points towards those servers. If you don’t know the address ask technical experts.

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Do read the terms and conditions well before you register free .np domain. There are different rules and requirements for various organizations. In other words, only specific business can have specific extensions. For example,  Above all, everyone needs to comply with rules to do successful registration.

Benefits and Conclusion

It is very good that .np domains are free. Other countries usually charge annual fees. Giving free domain registration to Nepali citizens is a great way for giving them an online platform. People can create a portfolio website, blog and learn new things. Many people are hosting their personal sites in blogger. It does require doing some SEO on Google’s blogger platform to rank because it is not that easy. WordPress sites are comparatively easier due to plugins.

Similarly, it also helps businesses to get online and put their mark in digital space. It is very important to have an online presence these days. Users can also create corporate emails for their work which is very beneficial. Nepal Government also provides email address for all official work to its employees. Many people judge a corporation on its website. Good, smooth and easily navigable sites give good experience and easy the work of customer and viewer.

There are some things that everyone must know. .np extensions are Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLC) so these are regional. Google and other search engines can see the geographical targetting. This helps local business and websites to get local traffic. However, if you want more international reach getting a TLD like .com is the best way. We advise all Nepali business owners to get free service and increase reach.


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