Galaxy A5 Android Lollipop 5.0.2 Official Update Guide

Galaxy A5 Android Lollipop Flashing Process

Samsung has released Android 5.0.2 update officially for Galaxy A5. It is available in some region only but we can install it even though the region doesn’t match. We should only match the model number and we can upgrade. It is a simple Galaxy A5 Android Lollipop firmware flashing process. But this won’t void the warranty as the firmware are signed by Samsung. Many phones are getting the Lollipop update. Check for your phone models and flash it if you don’t want to wait for OTA.

First of all, you should check the model number of your Samsung Galaxy A5 by going to the Settings. Then going to “About Device” for more information. There you will see the model number. Ours is SM-A500H and it can be any number or combination for you. There are models like SM-A5000, A500F, A500FU, etc. Just make sure you are correct about that number. Don’t ever flash the firmware of different model because that can brick devices. Samsung phones have different hardware and software so it can cause huge issues.

However, we want to tell some things before you proceed. Make sure your phone is charged above 50%. For best charge, your phone to 100%. Try this on a laptop instead of the desktop. In the case of power, the outage laptop can sustain the work. Use good data cables for flashing. Some people use loose old cables and they get loose in the process which can brick the phone.

Firmware Flashing Process

  1. Download the Correct Firmware: After making sure of the device number, go to the Sammobile website’s firmware section to download the image.
  2. Check and Download: Check your model number from About Device and then download the correct firmware for it. Try to choose the image of a country which is near to you or language you know. Else go for an image that matches your model number.
  3. Download Odin: Latest versions are available in Sammobile’s website.
  4. Backup you phone’s data: Make sure you have backed up everything from your mobile’s internal storage. It is best to take out the memory card as well. We have made a complete checklist of things to take care before upgrading a phone.
  5. Open Odin Mode: Turn off your phone and press Volume Down+ Home Button +and Power Button at same time to open Odin mode.
  6. Start the flashing: Connect USB Cable to your phone and computer. Then Open Odin in your PC and select the firmware file by clicking on “AP”.
  7. Let the work complete: Press start and let the work be completed. It takes about 5 minutes to install but other process and first startup can take longer than 10 minutes. Follow the steps mentioned in our video to get a more clear idea.

After the process is completed, a message appears saying “Pass”. The device will restart and it will start optimizing your phone.

Advice, Experience, and Roll Back

New OS is always good and there are better changes. However, we noticed that even after updating your phone with a firmware of your own country OTA don’t come. Now we have to flash a new update each time. If possible wat for OTA. Flash only if you are sure and can commit to this process. This is what we don’t like about this. Some firmware allows users to change country CSC code. It is great and we urge all to change the CSC code. To change the CSC code of your Samsung phone, follow the below given steps.

  1. Find your IMEI number/numbers in case of a dual SIM model.
  2. Then go to dial pad and dial *#272*imei  number#. For example *#272*1234#
  3. Select the country you like or live in.

Sometimes it is required to have both Sales code and CSC code of purchase country to get your phone serviced in warranty. Samsung service centers only fix phones of the country they were purchased in. For example, service centers of Nepal only fix phones that were bought in Nepal originally.

Many times people might need to go back to an older OS. This can be tricky and it was to us as well. For this follow the same steps but with few extra steps. Download older firmware but before flashing do a full factory reset and perform a hard reset with cache partition clean. For that turn off your phone and press Volume Up, Home and Power button at the same time. After flashing again clean cache partition and do the reset. This solved our problem else were also stuck in boot animation.

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      1. i already did that. it gets to 20% then i get a notification saying my limited time has been exceeded

        1. hey delta… i got the zip file. i did everything as explained but, my A5 is still on 4.4.4 kitkat …. what might have gone wrong?

  1. Thank you so much! Everything worked flawlessly and now I have lollipop on my A5. I was worried because the first 30 minutes or so it was super sluggish, but now it’s working even better than kitkat. Really appreciate your effort!

  2. it worked and i updated to lollipop every thing is working fine but found only one issue when i calling or messaging it says not registered on network i updated firmware of hong kong is network is locked? plz help what can i do now for network registration?

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