Desktop Computer Case Price in Nepal 2021: Best PC Cases

Computer casing price in Nepal

A computer casing houses every important part of the CPU tower. It is very important to choose the correct desktop computer case due to many reasons. The reasons may be airflow, space, cable management, and expansion. Many users buy simple cabinets at the lowest price while some buy big luxurious cabinets. However, these days some people want better, powerful, strong, and good looking cases. In Nepal, we can get desktop cases from many manufacturers. Therefore we have compiled a list with details of computer case price in Nepal. This includes normal, heavy duty, fancy, and gaming CPU cases.

Every computer part and accessory is important. Internal components such as processor, motherboard, graphics card, etc are very important. All of those components are inside the PC chassis so we have to take care of it. There are many reasons to choose a correct cabinet and there are many factors that affect the choice. The most important factors that affect choice are the size of the motherboard, graphics card, power supply, fan support, cooling, airflow, cable management, peripheral dimension, and future expansion.

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Computer Case Price in Nepal

Nepalese market has a lot of options on desktop computer cabinets. There are products at all price ranges. This means we can have a lot of options for any budget. For now, we have listed models that we could find in the market. Here, we have MSI, Aresze, Cooler Master, NZXT, Antec, Gamemax, Corsair, Thermaltake, Antec, Imperion, Fantech, and Goldkist cpu case in Nepal. All the price of products from each company is separately listed below.

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Goldkist CPU Cases

Goldkist is a popular brand in the Nepali market. They have had their products in the market for a long time. In the normal PC case segment, they are taken as a better option compared to other brands. I have also used two normal casings from Goldkist on my two old computers. Goldkist also has a subsidiary brand Aresze. There are products from both brands in Nepal. Both brands have normal and gaming cabinets in the market. So here is the list of Goldkist casing price in Nepal.

Goldkist Q2, Q15, Q19, Q20, 116B, 880B (Light Weight)Rs 2,820
Goldkist 3303 (With Transparent Side Panel)Rs 3,180
Goldkist 6010BRs 7,600
Goldkist 7209BRs 8,800
Goldkist 8231B (Heavy)Rs 10,600
Goldkist Multimedia Casing Master T4000Rs 13,150
Aresze and Goldkist CPU case models
Aresze and Goldkist CPU case models

Aresze CPU Cases

It is the subsidiary of Goldkist. Usually, these cases are also known to be from Goldkist according to the sellers. Goldkist actually has a reputation for normal PC case and Aresze usually has a reputation for gaming cases. So people know Aresze for their gaming looks and build. Here is a list of some Aresze gaming CPU case price in Nepal.

Aresze 1092BRs 10,800
Aresze Z22BRs 11,000
Aresze 8231BRs 12,600
Aresze 8704BRs 13,500
Aresze Z2BRs 14,400
Aresze PC Cases
Aresze PC Cases


Micro-Star International (MSI) is well known for its high-quality products. This includes motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, coolers, SSD, and gaming accessories. MSI also sells high quality computer cabinets in the market. They have a good number of options to choose from. MSI mainly has MAG series casings in the Nepali market for PC builders.

Mag Vampiric 010MRs 13,500
Mag Forge 100RRs 15,000
Mag Forge 100MRs 15,500
Mag BunkerRs 20,200
PC Build using MSI MAG Bunker
PC Build using MSI MAG Bunker

Cooler Master CPU Cases

Cooler Master has a very large offering for computer casings in the Nepali market. They have all types of form factory including Mini ITX, ATX, Mini ATX, and E-ATX. The price range also goes from baseline affordable budget to expensive flagship range. The price list from Nagmani includes normal PC case price in nepal to expensive PC cases in the market. The option is very big and Cooler Master is certainly the company with most cabinet products in Nepal.

CMP 250Rs 5,500
K380Rs 6,875
Elite 311Rs 7,000
K380 (USB 3.0)Rs 9,375
MasterBox Q300LRs 9,375
E500LRs 10,375
MB510L TrimRs 11,250
Elite 110 (With 400W PSU)Rs 11,625
Elite 311 (With 400W PSU)Rs 11,750
K500LRs 12,500
CMP500Rs 13,750
K380 (With 400W PSU)Rs 15,125
Masterbox 5Rs 15,625
Masterbox TD500LRs 16,250
MasterBox MB500 TUFRs 16,250
Masterbox Lite 5 RGBRs 17,500
Masterbox 5 MSI EditionRs 17,500
MasterBox K501L (With 700W PSU)Rs 20,625
CM 690 (693) IIIRs 23,750
Master Case 5Rs 26,250
Master Case H500PRs 26,250
Storm TrooperRs 28,155
MasterCase MC500Rs 29,375
Trooper SERs 36,250
MasterCase H500P MeshRs 36,250
Cooler Master PC Cases
Cooler Master PC Cases

Corsair CPU Cases

Corsair is a popular brand in computer hardware. They manufacture coolers, fans, power supply, RAM, SSD, and other accessories. They are also popular for desktop cabinets. Corsair has a good range of options with both normal and gaming designs. The company also sells cabinets with PSU included with the chassis. Therefore our list also includes some Corsair CPU case with power supply price in Nepal. This is a combined option that is beneficial for new PC builders. Many other manufacturers also combine their own PSU with the chassis. It is actually a common practice.

Carbide Spec-01Rs 8,875
Carbide Spec-04Rs 9,250
Carbide Spec-03Rs 10,500
Carbide Spec Delta RGBRs 13,125
Carbide Spec-05 (With VS550 PSU)Rs 14,375
Carbide Spec-05 (With VS650 PSU)Rs 16,875
Crystal 460X (With 3 RGB Fans)Rs 27,500
Carbide Spec Omega RGB (With 2 RGB Fans)Rs 28,750
Crystal 280XRs 32,500
Crystal 570XRs 33,750
Obsidian Series 500D RGB SERs 47,500
Corsair Steps in Nepal
Corsair Logo on Carbide Spec 01 Logo


NZXT is a popular American brand in the computer industry. Their main products are CPU cabinets, coolers, motherboards, power supply, and lighting accessories. NZXT products have a reputation of being enthusiast products. Their design is also taken as modern and clean.

H510 ATXRs 14,800
H210 Mini ITXRs 15,800
H210i Mini ITXRs 18,800
H510i ATXRs 18,800
H710 ATXRs 21,800
H510 EliteRs 23,800
H710i ATX (Black/Red)Rs 24,800
H710i ATX (Matte White/ Matte Black)Rs 26,800

Thermaltake CPU Cases

Thermaltake is a Taiwanese manufacturer with an old record in the computer industry. They manufacture power supply, fans, AIO liquid coolers, headsets, keyboards, RAM, etc. Thermaltake desktop casings also have a good market reputation for quality and aesthetics.

Versa N21Rs 7,200
Versa N24Rs 7,900
Versa J24Rs 14,000
View 21Rs 14,800
Core P3 TG Open FrameRs 20,700
View 31Rs 26,800
Thermaltake PC Cases
Thermaltake PC Cases

Fantech CPU Cases

Fantech is an Indonesian brand with a good image in Nepal. Fantech products are known to be of good quality and gaming design. Actually, the company is branding itself as a gamer lifestyle product company. Fantech Nepal sells a lot of things in the market which includes, casings, chairs, headsets, keyboards, and mouse.

CG71 RGBRs 5,499
CG74 RGBRs 5,499
CG75 RGBRs 5,499
CG76 RGBRs 6,999
CG-80 AeroRs 9,999
Hexa CG73Rs 11,99
Fantech PC Cases
Fantech PC Cases

Antec CPU Cases

Antec is a Taiwanese company with many gaming themes computer cases in the market. They are also quite old and established in the industry. Antec offers products in the budget to the luxury segment of the market. This makes their products accessible for all types of DIY PC builders.

NX100Rs 5,500
NX200 RGB BlackRs 6,500
NX310Rs 6,500
Dark Fleet GX200Rs 6,875
Dark Fleet GX202Rs 6,875
Dark Phantom DP501Rs 9,375
Performance P7Rs 10,000
NX600Rs 10,500
Dark Fleet DF500RGBRs 10,625
DF600Rs 11,000
GX1200Rs 14,375
Torque Open Frame Gaming CaseRs 53,750
Antec RGB PC cases in CAN
Antec products on CAN Infotech show floor

Imperion CPU Cases

Fortress 301 RGB ATXRs 4,400
Fortress 301 RGB Micro ATXRs 4,499
Fortress 307Rs 5,499
CG 401 Perfect ShieldRs 5,499
Kinetic 364 ATXRs 5,499
Neo 505Rs 5,999
Fortress 306Rs 5,999
Kinetic 361 ATXRs 5,999
Acropolis 701Rs 6,499
Kinetic 362 ATXRs 6,499
Neo 507Rs 6,499
Neo 503 (4 LED Fans)Rs 9,999
Imperion PC Cases
Imperion PC Cases

Gamemax CPU Cases

Nova N5 Mid Tower ATXRs 5,500
Nova N6 Mid Tower ATXRs 5,750
Dark Ranger Mini TowerRs 6,000
G561-FRGBRs 6,000
G563 Mid-Tower Eco GamingRs 6,000
Expedition MATXRs 6,000
Stratos Mini ARGB Micro-ATXRs 10,000
Gamemax PC Cases
Gamemax PC Cases

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Things to consider while buying PC Cases

We have built many systems and learned a lot. Therefore we want to share some advice with you all. As we told you earlier, component selection is very important. Get the best processor, motherboard, and graphics card you can. But don’t cheapen out on the power supply and casing. Here are the points and reasons that you should keep in mind while picking a CPU cabinet.

  1. Size of motherboard and graphics cards: It is very important to be careful while choosing a case because the size of the board matters a lot. Mainly there are 4 sizes, and they are Mini ITX, M-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX. So the manufacturers also name their cabinets as Full Tower, Mid Tower, and Mini Tower. Be careful about the size of the graphics card as well. Longer and bigger cards need large clearance for installation and air.
  2. Numbers of Hard Disks and other parts: If you want more SATA HDDs, SSDs, and ODD, then think of bay numbers as well.
  3. Cooling and Ventilation: This is the most important thing so never be careless about this. Always have sufficient fans on your computer. First of all, for any CPU cooler, make sure there is enough height clearance. If you want AIO or full custom water loop, then research on that as well. We recommend a balanced airflow instead of active or passive. It is important to balance temperature and dust accumulation.

Types, sizes, and usage

Cases are available as ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, and Extended ATX. Most of the desktop PC sold in the Nepali market are either Micro ATX or ATX. Some people also buy E-ATX systems. Moreover, we should always choose according to our needs. Don’t go overboard and buy a big one when you have an ITX board. Just choose appropriately. For example, Mid Tower can’t fit the Extended server motherboard, so we need a full tower. Similarly, we can’t put M-ATX in ITX, but we can do the opposite. However, you can buy a bigger size. That is the general practice, and we also do so.

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For example, MSI B360M Bazooka is a Micro ATX mainboard, but we have Corsair Carbide Spec 01, which is a mid-tower that can support ATX. It gives us ample room to do good cable management and has good airflow. Therefore ultimately, we get a cooler and spacious system that can be expanded in the future.

There are other things to look at while making a purchase as well. See for the number of I/O ports in the front. More number of USB ports are better. Good ventilation, tempered glass quality, magnetic mesh at the top, and power supply filters are also very important. We don’t get these in cheaper models. So don’t get the cheaper option because that can be bad for the system. Therefore always invest on a good enclosure for your desktop PC.

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Overview of Desktop Casing Models

There are cases for PC from different companies in the market. We sourced out this list of computer casing prices in Nepal using various companies. MSI, Goldkist, and Aresze prices were given by Ocean Computer. All other prices were sourced from different online sellers. In total, we could only find desktop case price in Nepal of MSI, Goldkist, Aresze, Thermaltake, Corsair, Cooler Master, Fantech, Gamidas, Antec, Gamemax, Imperion, and NZXT. So here we will discuss some models of the brands given above.



Micro-Star International is offering Mag series cases in the market where they have a focus on mid-tower and ATX sizes. Almost all cases also support big E-ATX boards. Most people buy M-ATX motherboards so there is no problem with compatibility in almost any casings in the market.

Vampiric 010M is the cheapest MAG series chassis from MSI that has a very compact form factor. It comes with one RGB fan, 4 mm side tempered glass, a magnetic dust filter, and up to 360mm radiator support. It is both stealthy and shiny-looking. This standard ATX case has 6 expansion slots, 2 numbers of USB 2.0, and 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2 port. Its size is 420x210x475 mm. Inside this, we get two 2.5″ bays and two 3.5″ bays.

MSI MAG Bunker is a very famous mid-range lineup, just like the MAG Pylon series. We have made one system in this, and it is pretty good for most people. The looks and build are amazing with tinted double tempered glass. We can see RGB fans and AIO from the side and front as well. There is an ample amount of ventilation, and cable routing is also nicely laid out in the cabinet.

At the top, MAG Bunker has 2x USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. Similarly, we also get 2x 3.5″ and 4x 2.5″ drive bays. Maximum GPU length support is 370 mm inside this 440x218x470 mm beauty. It also supports a maximum of 6 numbers of 120 mm fans.



Their products are reputed as a quality brand in Nepal. We have been using Goldkist PC casing and PSU for more than 10 years. They are very durable, good-looking and reasonable too. Mostly their products are known as best and affordable. It is because we can get a strong Goldkist PC cabinet under Rs 3000. These are durable, good looking and also come with an SMPS. The power supply inside these is not that good but gets the job done. However, if you can afford it, we seriously suggest buying a good one from a reputed PSU maker.

Goldkist has many normal PC cases for most homes and offices. They have a simple design, USB 2.0 in the front panel, one exhaust fan, and minimal customization. Some of the cheap Goldkist models are Q2, Q8B, 116B, 880B, 881, 860B, 1071, 1071B, 1073, and E107. The company also has an affordable workstation server casing 9007B, which costs Rs 11,500. It has a reinforced stainless steel spring for EMI shield and a mechanical key lock at the front and side panel.

Goldkist 8231B and Master T4000 are heavy duty gaming PC cases with bigger capacities. These are priced in the affordable segment at under Rs 15,000. Big cabinets actually can host bigger motherboards, more fans, larger graphics cards, a high number of hard disks and provide better cable management.


This is the sister brand of Goldkist. So we can take them as same. The manufacturer is the same just branding is different. Aresze mostly has big, heavy, stronger gaming PC casings with RGB lights, tempered glass, acrylic side panels, RGB fans, and a good number of ports.


Aresze has quite popular models such as Z22B and 8704B. These products are priced under Rs 15,000 bracket and offer quite a lot. They have tempered glass side panels, E-ATX board support, nicer looks, and a strong build. The chassis also has air intakes and magnetic filters for cooling. Some sellers in the Nepali computer market sell Aresze computer cabinets with Goldkist power supply. If you request them, they also sell by taking the PSU out. That can reduce the price of the unit.

Cooler Master

They are a very famous brand in the computer industry. Cooler Master has a huge range of power supplies, CPU coolers, AIO, and much more. In the Nepali market, we can find reasonably priced chassis to super expensive ones such as Trooper SE. The offering in the market is quite huge. Nagmani International is the official distributor of Cooler Master products in Nepal.

Cooler Master has some quite old and classic casings with solid body and opaque side panels. These are the normal desktop cases we see almost everywhere in homes and offices. These don’t have good support for fans, cable routing, and ventilation. But they are cheaper and get the job done. Some of the Cooler Master legacy products are CP/ CMP 250, Elite 311, and CM K380. These are cheaper options but not the most value-providing ones.

There are popular products such as Masterbox Pro 5 RGB which is a very popular mid-tower that has a clear side panel and front panel. It has a lot of space and it can even fit an E-ATX board. There is a huge space for drives, a large power supply, lots of fans, and even a custom loop. The 4 mm tempered glass makes the aesthetic look better with LED light and fans. Tempered glass is always better than acrylic because it can resist more scratches.

Cooler Master H500P is one of the most expensive offerings from the company that comes with mesh and two 200mm RGB fans at the font. This is specially made for good airflow. For the fancy show, there is a transparent panel and inside we get support for vertical GPU mounting. Advanced users can enjoy building a custom loop and use a maximum of 360mm AIO.



This is a Taiwanese company and they have a wide range of products. National Computer World is the authorized distributor of Antec for Nepal. They are mostly popular for casings, power supply, and coolers. Their cabinets are popular because they cater to all segments of the market. Antec CPU casings are popular for budget choice and design.

Antex NX100, NX200 RGB, NX310, and Dark Fleet GX200 are some of the best affordable computer cabinet chassis in the Nepali market. They offer ATX motherboard support, good design, and decent fan support at a reasonable price. These are definitely budget consumer choices for Nepali PC builders who want a touch of show and design.

Antec GX1200 and DF600 are casings that are available at a price bracket under Rs 15,000. These offer bigger space for more fans, bigger graphics cards, and bigger boards. These are popular among enthusiasts who want better features. Antec also has an open frame gaming case that costs above Rs 50,000. That is surely a showpiece but enthusiasts with deep pockets can surely make a system in Nepal with that.


Big Byte is Nepal’s authorized distributor and we got the NZXT computer casing price list from them. This brand is very famous in the PC world for its design and quality. We can see many YouTubers using them for a clean-looking build. The price in Nepal is a bit higher than in the USA or international pricing. This is very common due to market demand, taxes, and other margin reasons.

NZXT H510 and H210 are some popular entry level cases from the company. The normal H510 is cheaper, while the H510i Matte models are expensive. However, both are ATX sized towers. They both look very similar in design and have a significantly better and cleaner look than other cases in the market. The H510 has a size of 428x435x210 mm and 6.6 Kg weight. There are 7 expansion slots, two 3.5″ drive bays and two 2.5″ SSD bays.


NZXT sells H710 and H710i as their flagship and most expensive desktop casing in the Nepali market. The H710 is a mid-tower casing of 516x494x230 mm size that can support EATX motherboards. So it can be used to install sizes of boards except for server ones. This premium CPU enclosure supports up to 7 fans, a 360mm radiator, 7x 2.5″ drives, and 2x 3.5″ drives.

The H710i is of the same dimension but has more RGB and cooling features. Therefore it is more expensive. Front I/O, expansion slots, and drive bay numbers are the same as in the H710. The number of fans and AIO size support is also the same.


It is a Taiwanese company and they are also very popular in this peripheral industry. Their power supply is one of their most famous products. They also manufacture lots of other accessories. Their cooling solutions are also popular among enthusiasts and normal users. Thermaltake’s market presence is growing in the South Asian market.

Thermaltake Versa N21 and Versa N24 are affordable options from the company that cost under Rs 8,000. They are some of the popular choices of customers when they look for Thermaltake products.

Similarly, View 31 is one of the most expensive offerings from Thermaltake in Nepal. There are three models of Thermaltake View 31. One is normal with Tempered glass, the next is with RGB and another one is with ARGB. All of them look beautiful, but most people like the expensive model with addressable light. Their light supports software of all companies such as MSI, Asrock, Asus, and Gigabyte. This mid-tower case also vertical graphics mounting system to show your shiny hardware.

The company ships View 31 with three 140 mm fans. The top model also has tempered glass on both the left and right sides of the case. It is fully modular and drives cages, bays and mounts can be customized. At the front for the I/O, we get two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, mic, and audio-out ports. The maximum radiator size support is 360m, and the fan size support is 200 mm.


Corsair is selling its many popular products in Nepal. They have the basic Carbide Spec-01 which is an old but popular case from the company. I also use the Spec-01 for my personal build. Corsair has almost all Spec series products in Nepal including Carbide Spec-03, Carbide Spec-04, Spec Delta RGB, and Spec Omega RGB. They even sell some Corsair CPU cases with a power supply unit in them. Unlike other Chinese manufacturers, they have a quality PSU unit inside.

Corsair Crystal 280X, Crystal 570X, and Obsidian Series 500D are some of the most expensive gaming PC cases in the Nepali market from the company. These are big form factor towers with many fancy features. Many people choose such a big chassis for beefy hardware, better cooling, and better cable management.

Summary and Recommendations

In this article, we have tried to give you some ideas about the desktop computer casing price list for Nepal. Here we can see many affordable and reasonable products. Similarly, we can see expensive and overpriced products too. Many of the listed models are expensive and fancy, but there are reasons for that. I also used to purchase cheaper cabinets but now I have learned the value of good enclosure.

In the cheaper models, there is no good ventilation and airflow. This creates lots of problems such as heating, hardware damage, and dust build-up. Good housings have lots of space to work, better cable management, better ventilation, more fan mounts, and good air filters. Overall they might cost more but they provide a lot of functionality to your computer with a good look. So if you are building a new computer for a longer run, consider getting these even just for better ventilation.

In the case of recommendation of best cases for desktop, we have a few choices. If we have to suggest the best value PC case, then it would be Fantech Pulse CG71 and Antec NX 200. These two are for the budget builders. Similarly, for cabinets under Rs 15000, we would pick NZXT 510 and MSI MAG Vampiric 010M. For a very big build, our suggestion is Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh. Whichever case you purchase, just put enough consideration into cooling and future upgradability.

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