Computer casing price in Nepal
Computer casing price in Nepal

Many desktop users buy simple casing at minimal price, there are people like us who want better and powerful. Computer cases are available according to size ATX form factors. There are very less choice available in Nepali market but we have tried to compile a list to help new buyers. We searched the market and complied the list of gaming desktop CPU Case price in Nepal.

Desktop Casing are available as ITX, Micro ATX, ATX and Extended ATX. Most of the desktop PC sold in Nepali market are either Micro ATX or ITX. The cases are made for the sizes respectively. ATX case or Mid Tower can’t fit E-ATX board, we need a Full tower. People can get various cases in market be we are listing luxury level products.

These are good looking gaming cases with side window, good air flow, I/O options, huge space for hardware like radiators. All price of MSI, Goldkist, Aresze and Cooler Master were provided by Ocean Computer. In the below list we are just specifying the dimension for easiness of users.

Goldkist products are reputed as quality brand in Nepal. We have been using Goldkist Casing and PSU for more than 10 years. They are very durable, good looking and reasonable too. Aresze is also very popular in fancy casing in Nepal. Then MSI and Cooler master are top of the line as everyone knows it.


Gaming CPU casing Price List

Everyone knows these good casing as gaming case but these are fancy and very useful as well. In the cheaper cases, there is no good ventilation and air flow. This creates lots of problem such as heating, hardware damage, dust build up.  Good cases have lots of space to work, better cable management, better ventilation, more fan space and good air filters. Overall they might cost more but they provide a lot of functionality to you computer with good look. So if you are building a new computer for longer run, consider getting these even just for good ventilation.

MSI Casing Price
Mag Bunker Rs 14,200
Goldkist Casing Price
Q2, Q15, Q19, Q20, 116B, 881B (Normal Case) Rs 2,820
3303 (With Transparent Side Panel) Rs 3,180
6010B Rs 7,600
7209B Rs 8,800
Aresze Multimedia Casing  Price
8231B (With 650W PSU) Rs 12,600
Z2B (With 650W PSU) Rs 14,400
Cooler Master Casings Price
Elite 431 Plus Rs 13,000
CM590 III Black Rs 14,750
Master Box Pro 5 RGB ATX Rs 23,000
CM693 Rs 24,375
H500P (With PSU, Two 200 mm RGB Fans) Rs 37,500
Cosmos C700P (With PSU, Two 200 mm RGB Fans) Rs 93,750

Casing Overview

There are lots of casing available according to size. Most of them are ATX or mid tower and some of them are full tower that support E-ATX motherboard. Almost everyone supports ITX boards but choose the one that fits your budget and system. Make sure it has good space for all hardware, cable routing fans and ventilation.

Goldkist 6010B: It is nice looking case with transparent window at side and 650W PSU at bottom. I/O options include 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0 ports, built in USB and TFT Card reader. The dimension of 6010B is 486 x 200 x 447 m. It can also support maximum of 4 PCI Express cards. Customer can add optional LED Fan at back and front.

Goldkist 7209B: It is a solid rugged looking case with no transparent side. A 650W PSU comes at the bottom placement with hidden cable routing system. Upto 250 mm long graphics card are supported. Customers get great cooling and air circulation inside with support to liquid cooling as well.

Delta Digit Case List Chart
Delta Digit Case List Chart

There is easy control panel at top front edge with single USB 3.0, 2.0, Mic and Aux support. Its size is 480 x 211 x 450 mm with one 12 cm LED Fan at front and back. This is a big case which supports 2.5” HDD (5), 3.5” (4) HDD, 3 SSD and 7 PCI Express peripherals.

Aresze Casing Overview

Aresze 8231B: Just like other models, it also comes with 650W Power supply at bottom of chassis. We get a transparent side window, hidden cable routing system and good ventilation at front and top. This case can support GPU up to 370 mm in length inside its 526 x 211 x 472 mm body.

It is available in Red, Blue, Gray and White color options. Thanks to liquid cooling system support, people can install radiators, pumps and reservoirs. At top there is 1 USB 3.0, 2.0 and usual Mic plus Aux. It is great option for people looking into aesthetics. It has good lighting options. Customers can place LED fans at front and rear if they want.

Aresze is the next brand in the market with very heavy gauge desktop cases. They are more expensive and bigger than Goldkist casings. We couldn’t find many products right now so we have listed only few here.

Aresze 9100B: This hind end case in meant for gamers, enthusiasts, experts and over clocking freaks. It is a full tower that supports E-ATX board with its 650W power supply. We are getting 5, 12 cm LED fan which gives good air cooling and look.

Its chassis size is 560 x 215 x 520 mm which can fit liquid cooling projects. There is los of space for big graphics card and hardware. There are USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports at top edge of the casing.

Cooler Master Casings

 Cooler Master is a very famous brand in computer industry. They have amazing range of power supply, casings, CPU coolers, AIO and much more. In Nepali market we can find reasonably priced chassis to super expensive chassis such as Cosmos C700P. The C700P is a very huge full tower which supports E-ATX boards. It has very flexible layout and the internal orientation can also be changed. The C700P has a lot of features such as large number of front USB ports, fan support and drive bays.

The CM Masterbox Pro 5 RGB is another popular casing which has clear side panel and front panel with RGB support. It has a lot of space for E-ATX boards, drives, huge power supply, lots of fans and even liquid cooling. Th tempered glass makes the aesthetic much better and is also better than acrylic because it can resist more scratches. Some offers also include power supply and it is better to get branded PSU from company like CM.


These hardwares are for people who want big and better. It isn’t for everyday users or office purpose. These toys are meant for gamers, enthusiast, rig builders and overclocking experts. We recommend people to check the size of their motherboard before buying a case. The above mentioned cases are big and expensive but they surely provide good look, cooling options, ventilation and able management.

The most crucial part of a computer vital is temperature. So choose always choose the case that will keep your devices cool. Keep your case and peripheral clean and free from dust for optimum performance and longer life. People who want bigger GPU, PSU and better cooling should definitely buy big cases with better cable routing. We are regularly updating this list, help us if you can and share your thoughts.


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