GBG Kathmandu Bizfest and BizStart 2019: Startup Meet plus expo

GBG Kathmandu Bizfest and BizStart 2019

Google Business Group (GBG) is a global community of experts, startups, businesses, creatives, and technology sectors, enthusiasts. It is backed up by Google and this time it is happening in Nepal. The GBG Kathmandu 2019 is set for 28th December 2019 at DAV School, Jawlakhel. The entry is free for everyone and there are lots of opportunities for interested parties. GBG is going to feature expo, workshops meet and talk on various topics with experts, founders, businesses, companies, startup, and interested people.

GBG BizFest and Bizstart 2019 is a big event and the organizers estimate around 10,000 footfall. It is one of the biggest startup meet and tech expo. We do have many expositions in Nepal but it is specific for the tech community. The main focus of this event is bringing entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, startup, and experts together. The companies are also going to host seminars and workshops. People can learn, meet new people, make links and enhance their business.

People can see and learn about new technology, strategy and implement them to improve their own business. This GBG is happening the second time in Nepal. Such events usually happen all around the world. This is the second iteration and we expect to see good attraction and benefits. More than two hundred startups are participating in this event. In 2019 January, there were about 120 startups and 5000 visitors. This year’s expectation is double of last year.


BizStart, companies, and startups

The BizFest expo means showcase of companies, technology, and their products. But the next part is BizStart. This is a very interesting part because industry experts will be present to provide ideas and advice on industry-related topics. Most importantly, the visitors can also learn about Google Analytics, Google Ads and other various tools. One stall is also dedicated to helping people list their company in Google My Business directory.

My Business listing is very important for local search rank, local business and getting customers. These are some examples of exciting things, we can expect to see at the event. There will be a huge presence of big and impactful organizations because the GBG Kathmandu 2019 is powered by them. We have Genese Software Solution title as title sponsor. Then there is ConnectIPS as an associate partner and NIC Asia as a banking partner.

If you are also someone who is interested in such things, we urge you to go and explore. This is a very good platform to find new things in business and technology. We get to learn and see new things. Most importantly we meet new people which can help in business very much. We are also going and we will update this article after visiting.

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