Genese partners with colleges for Cloud Computing Training and Certification

Cloud computing training

Genese Software Solution is a company that deals in software, cloud computing, and IT sector. We first heard about them when we were searching for Amazon Web Services (AWS). They are official AWS partner for Nepal. Now Genese has partnered with four colleges in Kathmandu to provide students with cloud computing training. They are also going to provide certification to the students. This is a good partnership in the industry-academia sector just like Khalti and LBEF job placement agreement.

Genese is partnering with NCIT, National College, Virinchi College and Texas College of Management and IT. This was done in a signing ceremony with the Educate Program Lead Niranjan Udas from Genese. Officials of the colleges were also present in the signing ceremony. There are about 25 colleges in Nepal with whom the company is partnering with. Programs like these help to fill the gap between the need of market and skill manpower supply.

The Nepalese and international market needs a good, skilled and updated workforce. However, there is a huge problem of IT graduates with fewer skills needed for industry. The market demands are changing and knowledge of cloud computing is very essential to have. On top of book-based knowledge, students need to have practical skills that the market needs. Genese is providing this opportunity with online and in-person training to the students to improve their skills and productivity.

AWS Educate Program and Skills Improvement

Genese is an official AWS partner and they help in providing services such as hosting and other services like EC2. They also launched the AWS Educate program in Nepal. With the help of this, people can get good cloud computing training. Also, the can have access to jobs through their job portal. The company wants to partner with more colleges to provide and introduce international platforms. These include AWS Educate, Microsoft Learn, Google Education, Alibaba Cloud Academy, Cisco Networking Academy, etc. Platforms like these help students get better tools, skills and help them get ready for the market.

Seems like the idea and goal are very simple for all partners. They all want to prepare the students and the upcoming workforce to be ready for the market. This helps them to land a good job in the IT segment. Also in addition, Genese Cloud Academy (GCA) will help the students in the program get access to the international AWS Educate job portal. It has many freelance jobs and there are over 4000 employers. With training like this, students can be able to serve at positions such as Cloud support engineers, application developers, cloud architects, data integration specialist and many more.

GCA Partners and Services

First of all, GCA has partners like AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Azure, Nagios, and VMWare. It means they have partnerships with big IT companies in the world. They provide services like Amazon Web Services training, credits, digital certificates, and internship opportunities. They provide other services and training at a reasonable cost. This GCA program is being conducted with the help of the UKAid Skills for Employment Program. In conclusion, this is a very good initiative and program. More companies should start working like this and maybe they also might help improve the future workforce.

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