Girls in Tech campaign for Province 2: Scholarship on AI and Cloud Computing

Girls in Tech campaign for Province 2 Nepal

First of all, there is a huge disparity in the technology sector. Whether it is Nepal or Worldwide, the scenario is the same. We see very fewer girls and female representation in the technology sector. Girls in Tech is a global non-profit organization that wants to improve this situation by empowering them. As a result Girls in Tech campaign for Province 2 has been launched in Nepal. The program was inaugurated in Janakpur by the Chief Minister of Province 2 and Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security.

This program aims to combat gender disparity by empowering girls. It does so by providing scholarships and skills to girls. Even more, selected girls can get a scholarship in Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The broader goal is education and helping them create a better future where they can combat gender discrimination. The higher representation of women means better power and balance. Most industries have very little representation of women. But unlike other sector tech industry is very good for both genders. Above all, one needs is ideas and knowledge and whoever has it can achieve goals.

The Girls in Tech, Nepal is working together with Genese Cloud Academy, UK Aid and Fusemachines Nepal. Genese also partnered with colleges for Cloud computing training in Nepal to provide and improve skill sets of students. It is very good to see organizations joining hands for wellness of the community. This program of Girls in Tech plans to give leadership training and help them get a job in the industry. The primary aim is to create an environment for them and teach them the required skills.

Cloud Computing and AI scholarships

In this current period, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing are very important. These fields are excelling rapidly and it needs good manpower. UK Aid has announced to provide scholarships to 10 girls from economically marginalized backgrounds. The scholarship is to study AI and Cloud computing. One seat is already allowed to a young and enthusiastic programmer named Jyoti Singh. Jyoti is just 14 years old at this time of publishing. Now 9 seats are remaining.

The IT and technology industry is mostly male-dominated. We see very few women in this field. But we are seeing a slow increase in influx. Many girls now study IT and Computer Engineering. As the ratio difference is very high, women do face challenges. They face many obstacles in almost every industry. But here these organizations want to help and soothe the condition. Education and skills help to empower everyone. With proper guidance and skills, girls can do very well and find jobs in the industry.

There was a discussion panel after the inauguration ceremony. The title was “Women in ICT in Nepal –  Challenges and the Future”. Many people from the industry joined in the discussion. We saw the presence of Anita Phuyal who is Executive Director of Genese Solution, Aruna Sharma from Teach for Nepal and Melisha Ghimire, MD of Girls in Tech Nepal. Above all this is a great initiation and we hope these things get support and continuation.

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