Video Streaming Service Providers
Video Streaming Service Providers

This week we heard that the 4k Ultra HD copy of Breaking Bad was pirated on the torrent sites. Usually these streaming services are highly secure and hard to download but the file sharing groups find a way to copy them and share it without getting caught.The companies say that they have digital signature or unique elements to find out exact user who shared the file. Anyway the media companies, movies producer and content developers are always worried about this problem. The video streaming companies like Netflix have found its solution and that is to expand globally and provide content in local piracy rates.

Netflix and Hulu are expanding out of USA very well. They have covered virtually the whole world except some countries. Netflix has also been launched to Nepal which one of the great digital advancement in 2016 for such developing countries. Yes and that is true the ultimate goal is to expand globally. The companies like Hulu and Netflix serve great movies, TV series, shows and even exclusive and premium content from their own production to keep their users coming and they have succeeded.

Many people outside US want these services and also use VPN to access them. The companies are making it harder and illegal to use VPN to access their site. It shows how eager are people to have these service. The first thing these company will have to do to expand their service is to talk with network and ISP in these countries. They will have to provide dedicated bandwidth to users like YouTube does.

Possible Market:


The rates will have to be revised for each countries. USA is developed country and people can pay higher price but if they want to gain users from developing countries the charge will have to be fixed according to locality. For example in Nepal users usually pay Rs 400 per month for TV which is $4. If they agree to serve at this rate we believe everyone will take it. Lets take another factor of Piracy.The DVD of movies and TV series are sold at Rs 30 to Rs 50 o $0.3 to $0.5. This might be a low cut but if they serve content at this rate the company is sure to gain all the money. It is better to have something rather than nothing.


The producers and creators can take some benefit from market where now they can’t even have a penny. People spend about $5 to $7 to watch movies here in theater. If the films are released in these streaming services site the people will use the website to watch the film.

Surely the market is very strong but there is no provider for the appetite. At first the telecom providers also must be strong with powerful bandwidth. In countries like Nepal and India this is the most important thing that must be taken care at first. The first step for marketing might be challenging because people still using conventional cable should be convinced about quality and service.

Companies like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Instant Videos can have great market and consumer base in many countries even in developing countries. They can help eliminate piracy by satisfying everyone.

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