Harmful Chemicals and Ripening Agents in Food
Harmful Chemicals and Ripening Agents in Food

The difference in demand and supply is vast and people. So use of chemicals in food industry is increasing geometrically. Artificial ripening agents include Ethylene and Calcium Carbide. These are some hormones that promote the fruit to grow forcefully. European Union banned import of mangoes from some countries because they found a lot of artificial ripening agents and mainly calcium carbide.

Hydrolysis of CaC2 is done to ¬†manufacture Ethylene gas to ripen the fruit artificially. Nepal’s government also implied certain rules to fruit and vegetables import. Internal examination of food samples collected from multiple markets, local vegetable were found with high concentration of such chemicals. Ethylene and Calcium Carbide were not the only threats. The chemical fertilizers used during the farming are more bigger threat.

Most Infected Food

The study revealed that the most harmful and chemical containing vegetable was Potato. There is a good explanation for this. Potatoes are underground root vegetables. Many farmers grow other vegetables around them. They tend to use chemicals and other fertilizers including pesticides and insecticides. When rain falls the chemicals are washed and swept away. But all the diluted chemically toxic water goes to soil and then taken by potatoes.

There are some methods to find out the fruits with such chemicals. First indicator is patchy color, like green patches on yellow colored mangoes. Then another indicator is less juice, unsymmetrical ripening and unnatural taste. Burning or irritation on throat, infection and diseases like diarrhea are big flags. Doctors usually suggest to not eat fruits such as mangoes at off season.


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Health Hazards

The health hazard from consuming these food can be as fatal as cancer. The toxins are pretty lethal and almost all of them are slow poisons. Their slow deposit in human body can show a bigger reaction in future. Ethylene is not considered as unsafe but calcium carbide is considered very unsafe for humans. Its used in Mangoes, and their consumption causes diarrhea, stomach and gastrointestinal problems.

Chemicals in Legumes
Chemicals in Legumes

Irritation in throat and upper respiratory infection ¬†are also possible. Major risks are hormones disruption, diabetes, hypothyroid, Parkinson’s disease etc.

Safety Tips: Getting away from such food is almost impossible these days. We can’t get pure organic fruits and vegetables easily. The best way is to grow by own-self as far as possible. It is good to grow vegetables and herbs in your own garden to get the best.

But growing is now possible for everyone so we must buy. When buying keep a sharp eye on everything. These toxins and chemicals are pretty much soaked by the fruits so there is less thing we can do to remove these chemicals. The best way is to wash the vegetables and fruits properly. Then soak the fruits like Mangoes in brine ( Dilute Salt Solution) for minimum 3 hours. Wasting and soaking in baking soda is also suggested by some people. Be updated on these things and take care of of anything you eat.

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