Homemade Tablet, iPad, iPod, Mobile Stand
Homemade Stand for tablet, mobile using copper wire

Holding your smartphone, tablet or iPad for a long run can be tedious and tiring. Our arms hurt and it is not healthy as well. We can buy some stands or back covers from the market that can give support to the devices. However, we choose to build a DIY stand. This project uses simple thick strong wires and some idea to build one. Making a homemade tablet stand is very easy according to our method.

DIY projects are fun and they can be very useful as they require skills. So we can learn the skills on the way. The idea of making this came when I was using a 7″ Allwinner tablet and a Galaxy Y. The problem was that I needed to make a stand for both of them. This created a challenge for size and molding. The stand has to be of such size that tablet is supported easily and the phone is also adjusted in such a way that it doesn’t fall back.

We didn’t go for the expensive market available stands. We chose 16 AWG copper wires for our project. Thick copper wire or solenoid can do a very good job. They are both strong and ductile. This makes it easy to bend but it also provides strength. We can use other materials but copper has more perks. The iron wire can rust with time while other wires can be stiff and dangerous to work with.

Building Steps

The steps for making this stand are very easy. The most important thing is the requirement of an appropriate design. Our featured image of the stand shows our design. Make sure the wire is clean and free from any contaminants. Don’t use rusty and corroded materials as far as possible. Start the process by bending one end of a long wire to make legs. Make the legs long as possible but inappropriate height so that is aesthetically pleasing and supports weight as well.

If the legs aren’t long enough, big tablets like iPad can tilt and fall by rotating. Measure the least amount of gap required between the legs of the stand. The gap should be wide for good stability but it should also fit your small phone. Our build was based on Galaxy Y which is a very small phone so we had to adjust that. These days phones come in a large size so it might be easier. But it would be wise to think about small phones as well.

After completing, cut the wire ends and check for stability. The biggest issue that arises is the stability of the stand. Test by placing your phone and tablet. If we don’t bend the wires by measuring, an imbalance is caused which makes it wobble. So, try fixing the issue by bending the legs of the stand. The wobbling issue can be very irritating, so test and check until the problem is fixed.


Stand in Use

The stand supports both portrait and landscape mode iPad and Tablets. So we can watch movies and do video chatting as well. Smartphones can be rested in the landscape only. The stand can also be used to record videos by adjusting the angle of the stand. If you don’t have enough money or don’t want to spend on a tripod or stand, then this simple apparatus can do the job. All we need to do is adjust the angle to get a better horizontal view.

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We can watch movies and reading e-books using the stand. We can also use the tablet as a computer to type, edit documents by connecting a keyboard and mouse. There are some tablet cases that have a keyboard but they can be expensive. This can increases productivity and also makes the device versatile. Definitely, there are dirt cheap stands and covers available in the market but there is special fun in DIY. Simple wire bending and all set with simplicity.

Tablet Stand with a device on it
Tablet Stand with a device on it

I have used copper but you can find other alternatives. Iron rusts easily and is hard to bend. The frame will be both lights as well as strong. If you have an approach to plastic and heater it can be a good solution. These can be a good small work for kids as well. They learn to use tools and it helps them to be people who solve problems. We just want to encourage people to be more creative so that we all can create more simple and helpful things.



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