Homemade Tablet, iPad, iPod, Mobile Stand
Homemade Stand for tablet, mobile using copper wire

Hey guys this is my new and perfectly neat idea to make a homemade tablet stand which works for smartphones and iPad as well. I needed a tablet stand to hold my tablet while watching movies and typing using an external keyboard. This perfectly works and looks very cool and neat. Instead of throwing money on expensive stand you can make your own using some old things.

The tablet stand is very handy and strong to support your tablet, mobile, smartphone and iPad. I tried my 7” tablet and Galaxy Y and it fitted nicely. It is made out of pure 16 AWG copper wire that I bought to wind out secondary coil for homemade arc welder. I had some leftover and with little idea and imagination I bent it as in the above featured picture  of this article. It is super easy and fun to make it. It can support the devices from both sides of bend.

The stand supports both portrait and landscape mode so that you can watch movies and do video chatting as well without having your hands get tired. The stand can also be used to record videos by adjusting the angle of stand.

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I have been watching movies, reading e-books, using the tablet as computer to type by documents by connecting keyboard and mouse. This increases productivity and also takes the device versatile. You can clearly buy dirt cheap covers with stand in market but this is just a fun project. Simple wire bending and all set with simplicity.

Tablet Stand
Tablet Stand


I have used copper but you can find other alternatives. Iron rusts easily and is hard to bend. We recommend going with copper because of its ductility mainly. The frame will be light as well as strong. If you have approach to plastic and heater it can be good solution. These can be a good small work for kids as well. They learn to use tools and it helps them to be people who solve problems. I did it because I had lots of wire in disposal and making things by self and using it gives a great satisfaction.

We just want to encourage people to be more creative so that we all can create more simple and helpful things.Do share your thoughts, advice and recommendations with us so that we can improve as well.

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