Stop Adblock
Stop Adblock

Many of you might be using AdBlock while surfing the internet and thinking How AdBlock will make internet more expensive & amiss ? Of course it is topic to think about and this is a subject which is making all the ad network and big media companies think. The motive of using AdBlock is to get rid of all those unnecessary ads and pop-ups that ruin the users experience. As a publisher we have always did our best to provide you that but many publishers don’t care about it.

We also do hate those sites where pop-ups open with and without clicking on any link, download buttons are confusing and nude and vulgar ads start running. This is totally a bad practice and this should be solved by those website owners and ad serving network as well. To get rid of such ads from those types of unhealthy ad implementing sites people use AdBlock on browsers and even smartphones. This is a serious problem after the fight for Net Neutrality in the world.

How Ads run and help the publishers : Ad network and companies like Google AdSense,, direct advertisers ( business organization or companies) place ads on the websites. The owner is paid only when the ad is viewed or link is clicked. This is the major source of revenue for all major digital services like websites. Just like TV and radio, websites also earn from the advertisement. If there is no ad the revenue falls and creators can’t afford to create content.

Present Situation: In 2015 online publishers lost almost 30% revenue from ads due to increasing use of AdBlock. Lets be familiar to a new terminology “Paywall”, this system is being implemented rapidly. You might have notice that many premium publishers like Sammobile etc ask you to make premium accounts so that you can gain access to the special contents. This is to avoid revenue loss and gain money constantly.


Delta Digit Premium
Delta Digit Premium

May people complained about YouTube ads, so they started using AdBlock which caused loss to YouTube partners and thus skippable video ads were introduced. Lately YouTube Red, a premium service from Google was introduces where users can pay $9.99 a month and get rid of all ads and non paying users will see ads.

Google Contributor was launched for website publishers, the consumers can pay a small sum to Google and see less ads, they will see their selected images and thank you notes instead of ad banners. Few months ago some huge and premium publishers blocked users who used AdBlock. This pushed some people to leave it and some also bought premium membership to break paywall

Solution: In the latest meeting of ad network companies they said they are fighting the war to make ads bypass the AdBlock. If this doesn’t happen soon most great websites will use paywall system and we will than have to pay for using their content. Lets summarize, we have to pay for computer, internet connection, for websites( if net neutrality fails), for content (to go beyond paywall).

The solution is to improve ad serving and implementation,  pop-up ads should be totally stopped and good regulations for ad implementation should brought for publishers. Mainly the agencies which serve unhealthy ads should improve their ads behavior or else the whole ecosystem of ads will be in trouble.

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