How can Medicine be Dangerous?
How can Medicine be Dangerous?

I recently went to my nearest hospital to have my eyes checked because my eyes were itching very much. I believed I was having an infection or allergy due to dirt, smoke and dust. After the checkup my Ophthalmologist prescribed me eye drops and she warned me not to use more than prescribed. I went home and used the drug and it relieved my eye. Then I was looking at the packaging and the description on the box. I was shocked when the warnings stated that prolonged uses could cause Glaucoma or other infection. Then I began my research on this topic on “How can Medicine be Dangerous?”

Many people from developing countries are illiterate but most are literate and the tragic thing is they underestimate the warnings and don’t read the manual. This is the habit of most of the people. You should be very careful while using ophthalmic drugs. The glaucoma due to prolonged use was just a trailer.

It also said that further problem may also cause blindness. This kind of problem is also seen in E.N.T. drugs such as nasal decongestants, prolonged use of them might cause compulsive allergy and upper respiratory infections as well. Such cases if worsen might even cause death. According to a latest news a girl is reported to have become blind because she used contact lenses for 6 months without taking them off or cleaning them. This caused an Amoeba to develop between the eyes and the vision was damaged.

Medical Store
Medical Store

Always Use with Care

Not only overdose causes problem, wrong handling also might cause serious damage. I learned that all the ophthalmic medicines that is in liquid state should be handled with care. The nose should not be pierced using any object like pin, needle etc except the one that is at the bottom of its own cap. The nose should not be touched with bare hands or in any case should not be touched. This causes the bacteria and infectious materials to mix with the liquid which on use can cause severe problem to the patient by increasing infection.


The biggest problem with medicine is beginning with Antibiotics. Scientists are afraid that we might be going into the post antibiotics age. With the increasing resistance of the virus the antibiotics of today’s power might not work well or completely. This condition will be extremely lethal, it would be possible that people might die just from common cold.

There are various such reasons that the medicines should be touched and handles with care because drug abuse is simply use of drugs or medicine in unsubscribed manner that harms the body.

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