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There are some situations when you really need mobile balance and don’t have way to recharge. Some people ask their friends to lend them balance but you can’t always haggle them. Also there may be a situation when there is no place, shop or way to get recharge or top up. For example at night time or at a rural location with no shop. Nepal Telecom (NTC) has solved the problem now. NTC is now providing loan service to its users. The credit providing service is available for all of its customers.

Ncell had this service since a while. NTC is now stepping up to provide its customers what they are asking. This service is available for all GSM and CDMA users. The Prepaid user or number must be at least 3 months old to quality. NTC Credit service allows maximum of Rs 40 as loan to the customers. The settlement is done by deducting balance from next recharge.

The company is marketing this as “No Call Drop, No Extra Charges”. This means that company isn’t going to charge you any extra tariff. Available credit can be used for call, SMS or data. This means people can continue their communication as they like and need. It is already open for all users automatically. By the way people get the credit only when requested.

How to get NTC Credit or loan service

To start the service people just have to type START and send the SMS to 1477. To stop the service they should type STOP and send SMS to 1477. The maximum credit amount and status can be checked bu using code STATUS.


There is no special way to payback the credit. The settlement amount is automatically deducted in next recharge or top up. NTC has set different credit limit for each number. This done by assessing the account or numbers balance status. Thus people can have different ceiling for getting loan.

The company advises to continually use their service and keep account in healthy status to raise the bar. This service is very good and welcoming by all its users. We hope to see more better service from Nepal Telecom in future.

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