How to improve cell phone and laptops battery
How to improve cell phone and laptop's battery

Battery life has become the biggest problem of every cell phone, smart phone and laptop owner. With bigger screen, processor and storage the devices are draining a lot of power. It take a lot of time to restore that power but it is lost again very easily. Bigger phones have these problems. This is due to multiple variable playing role in here. Lets read how to improve cell phone and laptops battery so taht you can get the best of your devices

1) Turn off when not required
–  Never charge you phone when only dew percentage of battery is finished, any keep in mind never wait for a full discharge too. Keeping the battery on charge for the nigh is also bad. Overcharge can cause reduction of battery life. The best way is to turn off the phone when not in need. Turn the mobile off while you sleep. This will certainly save battery and won’t even disturb your sleep. Many people keep their laptop and desktop in sleep mode. Computers sue certain amount of power while being on sleep mode. This power waste can be prevented if you turn off the computer after use.

2) Stop Network search

Keep your phones turned off when your are in a area with bad reception
or coverage. Your phone

Car Battery Indicator
Car Battery Indicator

uses more power to find network, many phones
have automatic power save function but it takes around 30 minutes so you
will surely loose more power.Do same for the laptop or tablet. Many people keep their laptop for
charge for whole night and this might cause battery life damage. Also
keep the WiFi and Bluetooth off when you don’t use it. Laptop also use
more battery while searching for a network.


3) Avoid unnecessary features

 Using third party customization apps like themes, social apps that run every time will drain your battery at substantial amount thereby causing a serious amount of battery drain. Too many apps on laptops, mobile and tablets will cause you too loose battery life. Using flash camera, chatting application and downloading application are biggest battery suckers. Try to decrease their use.

4) Use profiles

Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smart phones have profile for battery saving. There is power saving profile, balanced and performance profile for Windows Laptops. Decrease brightness and use internal GPU instead of dedicated to save power. Many Android phone even old phones have power saving profiles. This can help you to save big amount of battery. Use them in adequate conditions.

5)Never follow Full Charge and Full discharge method

Laptop Battery
Laptop Battery

Deep discharge is very bad for any type of battery. Sometimes the recovery can be very hard and can be dangerous but is absolutely harmful for battery life. These Li-Ion batteryis are not like ordinary rechargeable NiCD or NiMH; AA sized battery. They should not be charged to top and should bot be let down to touch the bottom.

6)Keep everything short and sweet

Phone calls take a lot of batteries because networking takes a lot of power. Try to keep your call short and to the point. Don’t make all the talk on phone, call them to grab a coffee and then talk.
Actually in many ways it is good, you will socialize well, and have good time, you will also be saved from spying or any vulnerability. Don’t use too much of mobile data. Turn of carriers data when not in use.

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