How to improve cell phone and laptops battery
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Our devices are getting more powerful. Features are increasing day by day. However, it all comes down to battery life. If there is no battery, there is no work. Battery life is one of the biggest problems of every cell phone, smartphone and laptop owner. All those bigger screens, powerful processor require a lot of power. Until and unless humans figure out the best way to store energy, we have to face current issues. So here are 5 best tips on how to improve cell phone and laptops battery.

Companies are racing to find the best solution for energy storage. We need it for electric cars, smartphones, computers, etc.  Lithium Polymer and Lithium-Ion batteries rule the cell phone and laptop world for now. In the future, we might see an ultra high capacity power storage solution. Till then let’s work on improving lives of what we have.

1) Save When Possible

Always charge your laptop and cell phones when required. Most people like to keep their battery near 90-100% range. So they keep plugging to the wall. It is always better to charge when the battery drops to the lower limit. Most phones give warning at around 15%. So charging your phone or laptop when it reaches around 20% or 25% is good practice. Don’t let it go below 10% as well. Deep discharge is very dangerous. New feature in some phones also provides an option to limit or cap charging at 85%. It keeps battery healthy and helps it run longer.

These days phones come with overcharging protection. So many people prefer to keep their phone on charge during the night.  In the past, this was an issue. Overcharge can cause a reduction in battery life. It is recommended to only charge a laptop when used. Keeping the laptop plugged in and working is not recommended. Do charge in time and turn off your PC when not in use.


2) Stop Unnecessary Network search

A huge amount of energy is used in keeping the network alive. Out laptops and phones use a lot of power to run their modem. WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile network take a lot of power.
In regions where there is bad or no reception, our devices work harder to search. This can cause further battery draw. We recommend keeping your phones turned off when in areas with bad reception.

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Many phones have automatic power save function but it takes around 30 minutes to activate and adapt. In the meantime, we can just simply turn off the phone or enable Airplane mode to prevent drain. It is better to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC when not in use. All these types of network can take a big percentage of precious battery. If possible use ethernet at home and office. Using ethernet cable for LAN is still the best way to use the internet.

3) Avoid unnecessary features

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Car Battery Indicator Sign

Many people like stock Android. It is because there are no bloatware and third-party apps. Using third-party customization apps like themes and live wallpapers can drain the battery. Use built-in apps and features as far as possible. Too many software on laptops, mobile and tablets can also cause you too loose your valuable juice. Chat apps and camera take a lot of energy. Many people forget to turn off the camera after use and it is bad for their phone.

Some people install smartphone apps in hopes that they will use it someday. Most of the times, they never do. Try to only download and install apps that you need. Installing the software you don’t need in any device is just negative work.

4) Use original accessories

Using original devices and accessories makes a lot of difference. Many people change their chargers and batteries. Some people opt for genuine products while some might go with duplicate accessories. Duplicate chargers and cables can definitely worsen the lives of electronics devices. Some power banks also tend to have a negative effect on electronics like smartphones.

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Low-quality accessories don’t have good voltage regulation and current control. They also have bad wiring and may have bad electronics inside. This all harms charging circuit, board, and battery of laptops and mobiles. When buying, third-party product, always buy branded ones. See some reviews before purchasing. Savings made with duplicate parts will make users pay higher in the long run.

5) Keep Devices Updated and Cool

Most of the times, companies roll out new updates and software patches. Those might help to save power and improve battery life. There may be bugs in software and their new patches can help to fix such issues.

Another very important part is the temperature. Our devices and mostly batteries only perform well at a certain temperature. Neither too hot nor too cold is recommended. Extreme climates are very bad, such as heat above 45 degrees Celcius or cold below 10 degrees. In such situations, performance is not optimum. Try to give maintain good temperatures with your device and take good care of them.

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