Solar Power
Solar Power: Source-Pixabay

If you have excess electrical energy at your disposal, then you can now sell it to NEA. Nepal’s national authority is now buying electricity from small produces. There are some guidelines for adding energy into the National Grid. People, organizations and companies can now sell their production from Solar Plants to NEA. This is also applicable for Wind turbines and Bio plants.

People mainly consume energy from National Grid. Many entities produce electricity by their own means from Solar panels, wind turbines and bio plants. Most of them use it for themselves but the excess used to go to waste. Now they can sell their excess energy to Nepal Electricity Authority. Big producers can also join this program, earn and contribute to our national backbone.

Mainly Hydropower is our primary source so these others are categorized as Alternative sources. The government is focusing heavily on renewable resources and solar. There are three categories of producers. They are Domestic, Organizational and Commercial producers. This is according to amount of energy produced by the plant. There are different rules and regulations for each type of producer as well. All producers must take permission from Ministry of Energy.

The domestic level producers are the ones making 500W to 10,000W then Organizational producers are the ones who produce 10KW to 500KW and above this we have commercial. Everyone who wants to be connected to National grid and sell should apply to NEA. They will buy the electricity at set rate and guidelines. For anyone who is planning to install plant above 1 MW will have to get license from Ministry.

The basic or starting rate is Rs 7.30 for first three years. The price will increase by three percent after that. Electricity business is one of the thriving industry. The investment is very high though but income is very good in future.

Licensing and permission is given by¬†Department of Electricity Development. This is a very good program that encourages investors to invest on energy production. The focus of world is shifting to renewable energy from fossil fuel. Solar Energy is the future for humanity and Nepal is embracing it well. Hydropower is always Nepal’s first priority and both will help the current and future electricity demand.



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