Huawei Nepal’s explanation on the debacle: “No need to panic”

Huawei Nepal Office Reception

Huawei stepped in Nepal in 2014, and it has been serving for more than 5 years. They are a very large mobile brand in Nepal. Also, they are one of the biggest telecom equipment suppliers in our country. Huawei is currently the world’s second-biggest smartphone manufacturer. They are also the leading telecom equipment seller in the entire world. They have huge dominance in technology and, now most importantly in 5G. Huawei is now impacted by the USA-China Trade war. The company called media officials to shed some light on the issues, and this is Huawei Nepal’s explanation.

In the meeting, media personnel from various publications were present. Huawei company executives, officials, distributors were also present in the meeting to explain. There are many rumors, and some of them are only true. So, the company wants to clear things out. We were also present in the meeting, and we want to share what they told us. The company requested everyone to not believe in every rumor.

Huawei is mashed in the trade war between the USA and China. The problem has escalated to such a level that a private company is paying the price. Both countries were increasing tariffs on imports, but recently things got more complex. The president of the USA signed an executive order which provides the federal government the power to block US companies to deal with foreign tech companies. Huawei is a China-based tech company and they are in the center of the heat.

Trade War and Huawei Google Ban

US security agencies doubt that Huawei might have backdoors in their network infrastructure, which can be used by the Chinese government. Huawei is the leading company in terms of 5G technology. It is said they are already 2 years ahead in terms of technology compared to US companies. They have a lot of patents and a lot of equipment already in use.

Due to executive order, US companies can’t deal with Chinese companies. Therefore, Google is canceling the license of Huawei for Android. There is a 90 days timeframe, but till then, they are going to work together. It is said that Gmail, YouTube, Maps won’t work on newer Huawei phones. However, this won’t affect older or already launched phones. This is going to only affect future phones. But there is no guarantee of a new OS update like Android Q for older phones. So both companies are working together to fix and find solutions. The company says that their phones won’t compromise on user experience at any cost.

ARM has also cut ties with Huawei which can be a big hit. But the company says they will fix the issues. These are all due to the political battle. But technology is suffering in this and it is bad because technology and science should not face barriers. SD Card association also removed Huawei from the list but it turns out it was temporary. Company officials said status was changed to make changes so that the relations comply with the new executive order. It means users should not worry about SD card support for now or the future. However, Huawei also has its own new NM Card which we saw in the new P30 and P30 Pro.

Status in Nepal

Huawei says that customers should be fine because all existing phones have Google services and licenses. Also, for future phones, the company is working on finding solutions. They accept that flagship sales in Nepal have seen some small problems, but mid-range and entry-level phones have no issue in the sale. According to distributors, they used to sell about 350 to 400 phones per day but now they see a sales reduction of about 50 phones. This is not huge and they are positive that things will become good soon.

Why customers should not worry according to Huawei

Top level officers of Nepal and distributors cleared some things for us. They said that there will be no effect to present customers. They should not panic, and these things would not affect user experience. Google and Huawei are working together to find a way out. Android is an open source, so there are many possibilities. The company is working on improving its current Emotion UI or EMUI.

There is 90 days time left, so it is sure that users will get updates until then. Huawei Nepal told us that users would get regular security patches and updates. All current existing phones will continue to work with Google apps and services in the future, as well. There won’t be a problem with the user’s experience. All the ban and issues are for new phones, and the company is thinking about this. There is no official word on what step the company will take or when the new OS will roll out.

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The distributors also spoke on price drop and product recall. Huawei is not dropping the price of any phones due to this. They are also not clearing the stocks or shelves. They do know that some people may have sold their phones at low price in panic. This is common, but the company says that they care for customers. Their vision is long term, and they care about customers. They know that people will only come back if they are satisfied with the product and customer care. So they want their customers not to panic. They are so confident that they just launched new Y7 Pro and Y5 2019 in the Nepali market.

Updates and Developments

A lot of things are happening regarding Huawei. In China, Huawei sales have increased, and people are more interested in their phones. It is because Chinese consumers are not affected at all. As there are no Google services since the start, people don’t care about the ban. Also, to show support, some people are leaving American products like Apple and going for Huawei. Business Insider Singapore also reported similar cases of fans and people buying Huawei phones. The customers seem confident that the company is going to fix everything.

IEEE also lifted the ban on the company recently. There was a temporary ban on Huawei from participating in the peer review and editing process. The WiFi Alliance and JEDEC have also reinstated the company on their list. Huawei has also confirmed that it is back on the Android Q beta upgrade list. So it seems that the new Android Q is also coming for the previous Mate flagship. Al the new EMUI 9 is also coming for the Y9 2019.

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