Huawei Nepal Money Back Guarantee: Full Refund if Apps don’t work

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Huawei and Call Mobility issued an official statement for the Nepali market. In order to address the confusion and uncertainty of the people, they are giving a promise. Huawei Nepal money back guarantee is a new program where the company has assured for 100% refund if certain applications don’t work. According to the briefing we got during Huawei’s statement regarding the US-China trade debacle, current phones are going to get security patches. They are also going to roll out Android Q for many devices. This can be an assurance required for current Huawei smartphone users.

According to the executive order, US companies can’t work with Chinese companies. Thus Google needs to comply with it and they revoked Android support for Huawei. This means new devices from Huawei are not going to have Google Apps support. There are many confusions regarding it. This was cleared by them in the media briefing. However, to ensure the customers that they are not going to lose access to Google services and apps, the company is promising a refund.

Huawei will issue a full refund for any smartphone or tablet if it loses Google Apps support. This includes apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Google Play, Chrome, etc. They are also promising refunds if other apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, or WhatsApp stop working. This clearly means that the company is sure that people won’t lose any access to these services. They are also promising security updates in the future. According to the company, current phone owners don’t need to worry.

Refund for Eligible Devices and Eligibility Criteria

Only those phones that were bought in Nepal from the official channel and sold by Call Mobility will be refunded. Phones with physical damages and software modification are not eligible. This means rooted phones and devices with custom ROM are not supported. The list of Huawei devices that are eligible for a refund are as follows.

  • P Series: P30 Pro, P30, P30 Lite, P20 Pro and P20
  • Mate Series: Mate 20 Pro and Mate 10
  • Nova Series: Nova 4, Nova 3/3i/3e, Nova 2i/2i Lite/2 Lite
  • Tab Series: Mediapad T3 7″/8″10″
  • Y Series: Y Max, Y9 2019/2018, Y7 Pro 2019/2018, Y6 Pro 2019, Y6 Prime 2018, Y5 Lite/ Prime 2018/Pro 2019, Y3 2018/2017

These are official devices that Huawei is going to support for the refund program. Call Mobility issued the statement and this shows their trust in the company and the future for software support. The Huawei Nepal money back program definitely helps to put people’s trust in their devices. This gives peace of mind to the users. If people get a promise of refunds they won’t be worried. This is a very good step and way of ensuring people.

People with older Huawei phones were also worried that they might loose app support. This is not the case in reality. The problem is for future phones and their support. Till now there is no clarity about what will happen for Google services support. It is actually very important for all the users outside of China. People in Nepal mostly use Android so we need Play services and that will be very important for Huawei to maintain.

Android Q Update Confirmation and New OS

The company has confirmed Android Q for some of their new devices. This is great news for all the owners. There was a dilemma for new OS update and the confirmation fixes everything. Huawei smartphones that will be getting Android Q update are as follows.

  • Huawei P30/P30 Pro/P30Lite, P20 Pro and P20
  • Mate 20/20Pro/20X/20X 5G, Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10

For now, the confirmation is only for higher-end phones. Obviously, every company wants to make its flagship consumers happy. We hope other mid-range and budget phones also get the updates. In addition, the company is also working on its own operating system. It is called Hongmeng OS. Their own OS is said to be faster and filled with a lot of features. This can also run Android Apps and even faster. Huawei was already working on the software but now they are pushing harder due to this new strain.

Huawei was achieving great heights in smartphone sales and revenue. They got hit in sales and revenue after the executive order. The company is still pushing forward and has already bagged lots of 5G projects all around the world. This is because they have advanced technology, lots of patents and they provide services at a cheaper price. Now let us how things turn out in the future for Huawei.

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