ICT Frame Organizing Nepal Software Meetup 2019

Nepal Software Meetup 2019

Nepali technology market is growing exponentially each year. IT and software sector are also taking new heights with more advancements. The IT sector is growing with new companies and developers. New graduates are joining the market as well as many investors are also looking in this field. There are a lot of opportunities and to help them connect, ICT Frame is organizing Nepal Software Meetup #1. This is the first meetup of the year 2019.

The organizers want to make a good environment for IT professionals, software developers, tech experts, investor, graduates, and students to meet interact and learn. There are a lot of opportunities in this sector and there is a huge chance of growth. Nepali developers are doing international work and they do a really good job at a reasonable cost. This shows the potential of Nepali developers.

All the industry needs is a good connection, support, and environment. This Software meetup will help people get together and discuss challenges, experience and provide help to attendees. This kind of programs can be helpful to many parties. New graduates and students can find a market and get a good idea. Experts and professionals can broaden their horizon of knowledge and share experience.


On the other hand, investors can find a good place to invest and help the market grow so that we can all get good products. Many times, there is a gap between the parties and it can be an issue. Meetups and events can help close the gaps by bringing people together and bringing solutions to the table.

Meetup Details

The Nepal Software Meetup is being hosted by ICT Frame and DIT Solution. It is being hosted on 26th April 2019 (13th Jestha 2076 as per Nepali date). The venue is Softwarica College of IT and E-Commerce (Block C) and the time is from 11 AM to 1 PM. This event is supported by a lot of organizations like Mediaflow Solution, Tech Sathi, National ICT Council, npCert etc.

The organizers want to do such meetup every month. They also plan to submit reports to the government for transparency and betterment. Technology, IT and Software sector is very promising and it needs good fuel to grow.

Above all, meetups can provide a very good environment to get connections, idea, links, and knowledge from experienced people. These are very helpful events and we encourage organizers to host them regularly. We also recommend interested faculty related people and professional to attend events like this and indulge in learning and sharing process. Therefore we encourage students and experts to attend such events.


The government should also help this field grow by making better supportive policies. Policy level aids can help flourish the software and IT sector. IT, Tech and Software startups can be very helpful for the country and they need support from all sides. ICT Frame is doing a good job by doing a good initiative for the technology sector.

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