IIT Engineering Entrance exam from Nepal
Indian Institute of Technology Entrance Exam from Nepal for B.Tech and M,Tech

Indian Institute of Technology has officially opened its gates for Nepali students. This good news was announced during the visit of Pranab Mukherjee. Previously, only Indian citizens were allowed to study in IIT. Now Nepali students will be able to give IIT engineering entrance exam from Nepal. The institute will be conducting entrance exams from Nepal and a few other countries.

IIT is going to admit Nepali students for graduate and post-graduate studies. IITs offer a large choice of subjects to study. Above all, this has created a new opportunity for Nepali students to get a high-quality education. IIT is ranked among top technical engineering college in India. Many IIT also rank in top institutes around the world

Almost all colleges including Delhi University, NIT used to give admission to Nepali before Similarly, from now on, the institute is going to take the best candidates from other countries as well. It gives a very good chance for Nepali students to pursue quality higher education. As of now, students can get admission in Bachelor and Masters level. The number of IIT seats for Nepali students is not disclosed. Sources say that there are 20% extra seats for Nepalese.

JEE and GATE Exams from Nepal

Candidates can give the entrance exam from Kathmandu. They won’t have to go to India. India provides a lot of scholarships and aid in education to Nepali students. There is ICCR, Study In India, Colombo Plan, DASA etc. In addition, this new addition is a golden landmark for both countries. The emphasis on the Water resource is very high at this time in Nepal and India. Therefore, IIT Roorkee is providing scholarships for Masters level study. They are mainly focusing in water-related subjects such as Hydro Power and WRM.

Students have to pass JEE Mains and JEE Advanced for getting into bachelors. For Masters or M.Tech, students have to pass GATE exams. Students need to prepare themselves before giving this competitive exam. They can fill the application online and pay online. Banks do payment if we request them for education purpose. There are books available in the market for the preparation of both of these exams. It is good to prepare yourself or go for JEE and GATE coaching. The course is vast and needs very good preparation.

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In exams, officials from India come. Exam center is declared when Admit cards are given. Candidate should print admit card and bring identification document like Passport to center. Exams are conducted in supervision of IIT officials. It is very important to reach the hall on time. Exams are very strict and everyone should follow the rule. After passing, candidates can choose an institution that gives admission according to their rank.

Entrance Exam Info

Bachelors Degree (B.Tech): The competition to study at the Indian Institute of Technology is very high. About 14 Lakh students give the JEE exam yearly. Approximately 10,000 get admission. Only high ranking candidates get the top institutions and scholarship. It is a very hard competition. There are two levels of exam or B.E or B.Tech in India. JEE Main is the first steps and after that JEE Advanced is the second step. Students who pass JEE Mains can only appear in JEE Advanced.

Masters Degree (M.Tech): It is for engineers who want to specialize in their subject. Candidates need to pass GATE exams to apply for PG level. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) is an aptitude test for BE/B.Tech graduates. Hundreds of thousands of Engineers appear in this exam yearly. It is also very competitive. Passing GATE exam also opens the way to get into Public Sector Undertakings in India. Exams can happen in shifts because there are lots of candidates.

Indian Institute of Technology has a big collection of reputed Alumni. Many big and international companies come to the college to conduct job interviews. Deserving students are provided with a handsome package and good placement. As a matter of fact, Nepali people can have Indian jobs except for IAS and IPS. So along with IIT Scholarship for Nepalese students, India also offers good job opportunities. In conclusion, this gives a great opportunity for Nepali students to reach a new height using neighbors help.



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