Colors Xfactor Pride P15
Colors Xfactor Pride P15

Colors has been launching some great budget smartphones and we have seen some of their best deals. The new Colors Xfactor Trend P15 is another addition to the Xfactor series after Eite E10 and the new Trend T-50. This phone of the pride series is a real starting line cheap budget phone with 3G capability and power that will be satisfactory or just good enough for starters.

The price of Colors Xfactor P15 in Nepal is Rs 4835 which really low for a good smartphone. With this price, consumers will get a 3G phone that runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box. The Random Access Memory (RAM) is just 256 MB, internal storage is 512 MB and it supports external SD cards up to 32 GB for storing extra media files like music, pictures, movies etc.

The device provides a standard 4 inch screen with WVGA resolution or to be exact 480X800. This means the media can be consumed at maximum of 480p resolution. It is totally reasonable for this device at such price range. Maximum of mid range and budget phone have this resolution, so this phone honestly provides good screen.

For the camera, we have a rear side shooter with LED flash clicking at 3.2 MP and a front shooter marked at 0.3 MP. Maximum resolution of video recording is 480p as the screen. Only 5 MP and higher resolution cameras provide 720p video recording, also processor is very important for recording. Few years back getting a camera with a phone at this price range was a big thing and this resolution is a fair deal.


Pride P15 Colors Xfactor Models
Pride P15 Colors Xfactor Models

For this small scale powered phone a Li-ion battery of 1450 mAh supplies the juice which is acceptable for the internal configuration and hardware at stable, normal working, calling, standby and sleep state but when this phone comes to on screen time the tables might turn. Your battery life will totally depend on how much your big screen remains on and what kind of content is being consumed. If you play games, watch videos the battery will drain quickly as the screen is big. If you just take calls, listen some music, radio and surf little internet the phone should do fine.

Colors Xfactor P15 comes at a very cheap price range, the things and configuration being provided in this handset is totally acceptable and legitimate. We can’t ask for more. KitKat OS at 256 MB RAM is the best thing done here. We can’t demand for bigger screen,camera power and OS too.

Only thing is low internal memory which might be an issue if you try to install more apps but if we see the mobile, this handset isn’t meant for those type of people. The targeted users are starters and people who won’t use much resource. For the price the Pride P-15 gives you the value. The company is also providing a free jelly cover with every purchase.

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