Medicine, Antibiotics, capsules, tablets
Medicine, Antibiotics, capsules, tablets

Antibiotic is the boon of this modern era. It has saved millions of lives till now because in past people used to die due to simple bacterial infection. These days antibiotics is used very commonly which is now giving us a kickback. Antibiotics should only be used as a last resort but people are abusing it. This is causing increasing antibiotic resistance all over the world. Nepal is also affected by this problem very much and it is time that we give it due thought.

Carelessness: We take chemically synthesized medicine to treat disease. Antibiotics is prescribed to treat bacterial infection but we should be careful. Our immune system can treat simple infections but these days Nepalese patients take these miracle drugs carelessly. For example, people are taking Azithromycin on day one when they have strep throat. These are happening on both doctor’s supervision and without as well.

Meat Industry: Next threat is a huge and broad one because it is not by consumers choice. Nepali Times has also published about the antibiotic abuse in poultry industry. Usually poultry farms use antibiotics in animal feed to make the animal and birds healthy and get good yield. This does makes the chicken healthy but consumers eat the residue with it. This unintentional consumption of antibiotics builds up and increases resistance.

Scenario: Some data suggests that there is more than 50% Ampicilin residue in chicken of Kathmandu. Also the per capita consumption is very high compared to India. It is to be noted that Antibiotic resistance in human does occurs from indirect consumption of residue from animal meat. Many people or patients break their medicine course in between. This also causes the development of superbug because remaining bacteria get more strong. Those strong bugs are much harder to kill and it causes a lot of problems.


Consumers and patients increase the resistance in their body and slowly simple medicine don’t work on them. Doctors need to prescribe stronger antibiotics and this in turn increases that resistance. This becomes a viscous cycle. It is a very big headache for everyone. Treatment gets harder because medicine don’t work and body doesn’t respond as expected.

Next we have the threat of superbug. Superbug are such stronger bacteria who are resistant to multiple types of drugs or antibiotics in this case. It is a reality and the cases are increasing day by day. Scientists are working on making stronger formulas regularly but there are huge problems with that as well. First of all synthesizing such formulas is hard and expensive. On top of that, if we use much harder ones then it is sure that bacteria will be resist that as well. This is how nature works and survival takes place.

Superbugs and antibiotic resistance can cause serious crisis all over the world. It is going to affect everyone because superbugs can affect anyone. This means person who is more resistant and who is not as well. Also stronger medicines are expensive, dangerous and still in development.

The best way to be safe from this problem is that we should all be aware and make the use of antibiotics as less as possible. Regulations on the antibiotics use in meat, poultry and animal industry is also very necessary. Also patients should only take medicine as prescribed by doctor. Many people break the course of medicine and this is very dangerous.

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