International Online Shopping in Nepal: eCommerce Sites That Ship to Nepal

International Online Shopping in Nepal

There are lots of eCommerce and online shopping websites in Nepal. They provide lots of options for different goods, products, and reasonable deals. However, we have to accept the reality that the options of products available in the Nepali online market are not enough. Sometimes, Nepali e-commerce sites don’t have all the things we want, need, or desire. Another fact is that sometimes ordering some products from abroad is still cheaper than buying here. Therefore we have made a list of eCommerce sites that ship products to Nepal and will help you through your international online shopping in Nepal.

Many of us ask our friends and relatives living abroad to bring us things that we need. The problem is that they come less frequently and they can’t carry a lot of things. In such a situation, we have two procure the products ourselves. So when something is not available locally, we have to import it. Therefore we can either shop online from the sites that directly ship to Nepal or use services that helps to buy and import products to Nepal. In this article, we are discussing the first type or the online stores that ship to Nepal. There are some companies that even provide free shipping to Nepal.

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International Online Shopping in Nepal

First of all, we need to understand the prerequisites for this. Most importantly, you need to have an international card to make cross-border payments. Domestic cards can’t pay in international currencies to the foreign company. In simple words, you need to have an international dollar card for international online shopping in Nepal. Usually, there are three types of USD cards available from Nepali banks and they are prepaid, debit, and credit card. Most of the sites easily accept international prepaid and even virtual prepaid cards but some might ask for credit cards. PayPal can also be used for some of the e-Commerce stores but that also requires having a card.

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After the payment, we must understand the types of shipping. There are a few types of shipping and delivery methods. They can be standard or expedited. The fees or delivery charges are dependent upon the delivery period, product weight, product dimension, product type, company, warehouse, and delivery location. Everyone prefers free shipping and that is totally cool but sometimes we might need products earlier and with higher safety. In such cases, customers can pay extra and choose for expedited or express shipping. Type of shipping is usually an option but sometimes expensive courier companies are the only option for high-value products.

So, once you have the payment source and understood delivery, you can start the journey of international online shopping in Nepal.


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AliExpress Company Logo
AliExpress Company Logo

It is one of the biggest online retailers in the world and it is owned by Alibaba group. Daraz Nepal is also owned by Alibaba group. Aliexpress started the journey in 2010 and it has expanded its service across the world. The company ships products from China to different continents. People can buy a wide variety of products from different sellers and manufacturers. is the B2B platform where businesses can purchase goods in bulk. On the other hand, is a retail website for consumers. It is a B2C platform where normal consumers can order products in small or large quantities.

Aliexpress offers a vast range of products that can include clothes, shoes, electronics, consumer electronics, smartphones, computer parts, machinery, construction tools, toys, bags, automobile parts, and home improvement tools. The company also provides a global shipping service which is expanding day by day. However, shipping depends on location and product. Aliexpress provides free delivery service for eligible products and charges shipping fees according to shipping companies. They even offer a product tracking feature for free delivery.

How to order from Aliexpress in Nepal

Aliexpress ships products to Nepal as well. I have ordered a few products from Aliexpress and they have all arrived in time in good condition. If you need to learn about how to order from Aliexpress in Nepal, it is quite easy. Just search for the product on the website or mobile app. Check for details, specs, delivery time, and shipping charge. Then put the selected item in the cart and provide your address. If you want, you can put the ZIP code or postal code of your exact location or just the district. Pay for the product through an international USD card and wait for confirmation. Keep track of the shipping and when the product arrives.


In case of free shipping or normal shipping, the parcel comes from the post. Therefore do expect a call from the General Post Office (Goshwara Hulak Karyalaya). You need to pick up their call because they only call for certain times. If you don’t pick up the item or call then the parcel is returned.

In the case of small items, the post office doesn’t charge any custom. However, if the parcel is big and the package is valuable, the customs officer at the post office will assess the items and charge you. Usually, Aliexpress retailers put the price and invoice outside the box but I will recommend taking the invoice from the app or website with you.

If your package is big or sensitive, then Aliexpress uses companies such as DHL, FedEx, etc. These companies will call and ask you to go to the Airport to collect the parcel by paying customs and taxes. Before going to Airport do ask them the amount you need to pay and the person you need to meet.


Deal Extreme ( Company Logo
Deal Extreme ( Company Logo

DX or DealeXtreme is an online shopping platform from China which is also commonly known as They have been in the eCommerce business for a long time. Deal Extreme actually specializes in gadgets, electrical, electronics, and fashion. The online shopping site offers products from different categories. This includes phone accessories, CE items, tablet PC, computer hardware, peripherals, toys, tools, lights, clothes, security products, and home appliances. There are many products in different categories but the company is mainly famous for inexpensive products.


Deal Extreme ships products to Nepal as well. The shipping charge differs according to shipping type, product size, weight, and company. also provides free shipping to Nepal for some small products. However, there can be some conditions such as a product should be more than a certain price. In case of the expensive and bigger stuff, there is expedited shipping option as well. You can also track the products using the company’s tracking system.

The purchase process is similar to other international websites such as Aliexpress. Select the product, provide the shipping address, and pay for it. Then wait for the delivery and collect it from the local post office in your district or area.

Drop Shipping in Nepal with

Dropshipping is a retail business where a seller doesn’t keep the stock of products but delivers products to customers through another supplier. This is a very famous online business model in Nepal for starters. There are many people in Nepal who earn a lot through the drop shipping business. People usually take benefit of Instagram, Facebook, websites, Shopify, and other social media platform to do this. Many people wonder about how to import goods from China to Nepal and they might not know the purchase process like tech-savvy people. So people who know the process help those by ordering products to their doorsteps. In the process, the ordering party can earn a margin in that deal and the customers get products at home directly from another supplier. So customer actually feels that the product came directly from the drop shipper.


DealeXtreme has a special drop shipping service where you can order products for your customers in Nepal. Place the order for dropshipping in and provide the correct address of your customer. The company will ship products directly to your customer without putting any logo or information about This business model can help you earn some money without having to keep a stock of products. Moreover, you can maintain your brand because the brand is not shown in products. All you need to do is be good at marketing, social media, and sales. However, you also have to take care of product quality and issues such as possible returns and refunds. After all, you have some responsibility for running a business.

Light In The Box

LightInTheBox Company Logo
LightInTheBox Company Logo

LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd is a popular international online retail store based in China that was started in 2007. The company is even listed on New York Stock Exchange. This means it is an old company and has deeper roots in the eCommerce industry. Light In the Box ( is a big online platform that sells products to online customers. They have products mainly in men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, shoes, bags, lights, toys, décor, electronics, accessories, and automotive parts. LightInTheBox ships products to over 200 countries which also include Nepal. Therefore Nepalese users with an international card can also pay for the product and get it.

Light In the Box has a major focus on clothing, fashionwear, wedding apparel, lighting, and electronics. They offer a plethora of options to choose from. The company ships products to Nepal with different methods and they even have expedited service. LightInTheBox also has an affiliate program where users can promote the links or products on the platform and earn a certain commission. Affiliate programs are helpful for influencers and growing social media personalities to earn by recommending good products.


eBay Company Logo
eBay Company Logo

There are so many e-commerce companies in the world but eBay is one of the oldest and most popular. eBay is a multibillion dollars American company that was established in 1995. It is very big and has operations in multiple countries. is a place where people and business can sell their products. One of the most special features of the platform is the auction system where people can bid for the product.


eBay has many business stores and individual sellers on the website. So there are a lot of options. The platform allows you to choose products and pay directly or bid on products that are in the auction. The products on the sites can be first-hand original and maybe second-hand as well. Therefore it is very important to look after seller reviews and product details carefully.

eBay has a worldwide shipping facility. The sellers do provide shipping services to Nepal. However, that is dependent upon the store and seller. In the case of Nepal, there is either standard international shipping or expedited international shipping.

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All of these websites are famous and they are some choices of people for international online shopping in Nepal. We have also read reviews of some Nepali users in online forums and social media sites about these platforms. Moreover, I have also ordered goods from some of these websites. However, it is not a guarantee and we don’t take any responsibility for the product’s delivery and their condition.


In short summary, Aliexpress is quite good in terms of importing and ordering goods from China. They deliver quite fast but can have problems in tracking. The sellers also refund your money if the product is not as specified or not delivered. eBay is another great option to order special items from the USA and other countries. However, the shipping charges can be slightly higher.

When shopping online, keep your bank and online details safe. It is better to use a service like PayPal for safety because you don’t have to give card details directly to any seller. In case if you have to provide card information, do it carefully in the portal and don’t provide card information directly to sellers through messages.

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