TU IOM MBBS 2071 Result Notice
Tribhuvan University MBBS Entrance 2071 Results

Tribhuvan University (TU) held entrance exams for the Institute of Medicine (IOM) on Bhadra 14th (August 30, 2014). Each year thousands of students give exam and only a few succeed. After successful completion of the entrance exam, the IOM MBBS 2071 result is out. KU and TU are among the best universities to study medicine in Nepal. We congratulate all the passing candidates. These entrance exams are very tough and only the best make it to the top.

We have results of the passing students for MBBS in our site. The institutes are now taking admissions. Top students get to study in full scholarship in Maharajgunj’s Teaching Hospital. MBBS is taken as the most reputed profession in our country just like Engineering. People trust their lives in the hand of the doctor. Thus everyone wants these exams to be fair so that only the best ones get the opportunity.

Teaching Hospital at Maharajgung is most popular among all TU colleges. It is one of the biggest government hospitals in Nepal. Toppers get a full scholarship. Then ranks wise candidates get a partial scholarship as well. Other passing candidates take admission in private colleges but they are very expensive.

Important Admission Dates

Keep notes of these important dates for the admissions. Be careful on the dates and go at the right time. There is huge competition and if a seat goes vacant, it is awarded to the next deserving student. The result of other faculties including BDS will be published later. The admission commences on 5th September. The class will begin from Magh 1st or November 17th, 2014. Other important dates are as follows. All below-given dates are for September 2014.

1) Admission of principal candidates (General & foreign category)- 5th to 12th
2) Admission for staff quota- 5th to 10th
3) Admission of candidates on the waiting list for general category (if vacant)- 14th to 15th
4) Admission of candidates on the waiting list for foreign category (if vacant)- 14th to 21st
5)  Admission of principal candidates( Paying and Staff Quota)- 16th to 21st
6) Admission of candidates on the waiting list for paying category and staff quota (if vacant) on merit basis- 22nd to 24th

1) List of successful principal candidates of general category:

These are the top successful candidates of general category for MBBS. The highest marks is 96 for this year. The 45th candidate secured 91 marks.

Principle Candidates General Category List
Principle Candidates General Category List

2) List of successful candidates (Paying Category)/ Waiting List 

This is the waiting or paying category candidates list. If the candidates in the above list don’t do admission in time. These students can get admission in full scholarship according to their ranks.

Paying/ Waiting Category List of IOM
Paying/ Waiting Category List of IOM

3) Waiting list of paying category

The waiting list starts with candidates scoring 90 marks and ends at 88 marks.

Waiting list for paying category
Waiting list for paying category

4) Successful Principal Candidates (Foreign Category)

IOM also takes foreign students regularly. There is a huge charm of Nepali medical education. Many students from India and Bangladesh come to study in Nepal.

Foreign candidates list
Foreign candidates list

5) Waiting list for foreign category

IOM MBBS Result 2071 Candidate List 5
IOM MBBS Result 2071 Candidate List 5

Other passing students can take admissions in private colleges as well. They have high fees but many people study there. MBBS is the most expensive subject to study in Nepal and most other countries as well. We congratulate every successful candidate and wish them prosperity ahead.


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Studying Medicine in Nepal

Medicine is of the most sought after subject in Nepal. Many students join coaching classes to prepare for entrance exams. Thousands of students appear but the only few get a scholarship. Paying seats are very expensive and they easily cross the $50,000 mark. This is very expensive for Nepalese people. Therefore most normal and middle-class citizens can’t pay that amount.

People take loans to pay for education. Many foreign students come from India to study here as well. Students who get scholarship some times need to pay for lab and exam fees separately. However, the charm of the study is never low. Similarly, other people interested in science take BDS, BPH, B.Pharm.


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