iVoomi Mobiles debuts in Nepal, 6 new phones launch

iVoomi Mobiles in Nepal

2017 can be now marked as mobile year of Nepal. Many companies came to Nepal like Motorola, Oppo, Vivo etc. Most of them were Chinese manufacturers. Now, iVoomi from Hong Kong also joins the market. iVoomi is owned by Suntek Global of Hong Kong. They started in India few months ago. They are already planning to invest more than Rs 2.5 billion in India.

Shanker Group is the official distributor of iVoomi phones in Nepal. Usually big business houses control mobile distribution in Nepal. Entry of Chinese companies tells increase of mobile phone demand. They are here because people are needing more phones. We also know that mobile business is at highest now.

Prime Import Export Trade Pvt Ltd of Shanker Group is actually distributing this brand. They launched iV 505, iV Smart 4G, Me 1, Me 2, Me 4 and Me 5 all at once. The company is starting these phones from attractive entry level budget.


Their basic phones are starting at Rs 5,999. Company is planning to provide good value and cheap phones to people. They have targeted 4G users as the use of 4G is increasing heavily. Distributors plan to sell these phones in very competitive pricing. Shanker Group has lots of distributors and sales center in Nepal.

These days lots of manufacturers are present in market. People do get lots of options and obviously lots of confusions. Different brands have different specialty. People also have different budget and different need. As there are many brands and many phones, people can get better options.

iVoomi will help in this cause by addition of their phones. Their offering from a small price point is very nice to have. Our country actually needs cheaper and better smart phones for better internet and technology penetration. As company is planning to set manufacturing in India, Nepal might also see better deals. We welcome iVoomi to Nepal and wish they have a successful journey in Nepal. We would love to see better phones which will provide great value to users.

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