Kaymu Nepal merged with Daraz by Rocket Internet

Daraz, Kaymu merge in Nepal

We all saw Daraz Kaymu in Kaymu.com.np for few time. From now on Kaymu is no more, now it is Daraz. The website is now Daraz.com.np. Kaymu is very popular online shopping website in Nepal. Now it is merged with Daraz by Rocket Internet. There are many changes and site is under new management umbrella.

Old Kaymu Nepal’s URL will now redirect to Daraz’s domain name. This eCommerce platform is widely popular in Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Combodia, Myanmar and few other Asian countries. Actually Rocket Internet is creating new Daraz Group which is merger of Kaymu and Daraz.

For now Nepal’s merger is complete because Kaymu Nepal is now Daraz Nepal. Kaymu still operates with its original name in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The process is going on slowly. Parent company says, this step will improve productivity and revenue. Different operations of the organization will be controlled from different divisions and regions.

According to company, there is no wide overlap of users of both platforms. But, the merger is going to help enhance both platforms by unification. This will bring more people in one place with increased facilities and services. Kaymu worked hard to put its name in Nepali market. After name change, Daraz may also have to do the same for informing public.

The eCommerce site is finding news ways to attract more users in growing marketplaces. Asian market is one of the biggest growing marketplace and economy. Arrival of Amazon, Ebay in India is one big signal. Other big companies are also planning their arrival in Asian countries soon.

eCommerce Business Status

Many such platforms, sites are struggling to survive in Nepali market. There are various factors affecting sales. Major problem is people still don’t trust online retailers. We want to test the product, see it before buying for insurance. These sites should bring solid schemes to ensure people for high quality and exchange.

Another problem is payment option. Online payment is still in infant stage. International online payment is still not allowed in Nepal. There are various factors. Many people sell products on Facebook by advertising which can cause some doubt in people about quality. Still, we have surveyed many people and they are quite satisfied with Kaymu. We hope Daraz will keep this up and improve much better.

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