Khalti to provide job placements and internship to LBEF students

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Khalti has signed up for job placement and internship partnership with LBEF (Lord Buddha Education Foundation). Now final year LBEF students and fresh graduates can apply for an internship at Khalti. After working as interns they will be recruited as full-time employees. This is a great opportunity for LBEF students. As it is a mutual agreement, LBEF will also provide scholarships to Khalti employees who wish to join the Master’s program.

Khalti is mainly giving these opportunities to students of E-Business and IT. It seems this is the need of the digital payment industry. This is a good sign of an industry-academia partnership in Nepal. In order to make it easier for students, Khalti is offering flexible timing. They will be allowing leaves during exams, project work and set time in a way that won’t hamper student’s classes. Khalti will work with the college for timings and schedules.

An internship is a great and best way to gain practical knowledge of the field. It trains people to work in a cooperative environment. It teaches teamwork and corporate culture to fresh graduates as well. In Nepal, there is a huge problem of unemployment. On top, the supply of skilled people is different than demand. Therefore in such a scenario, a partnership like this can help many people.


The press release states that LBEF is also happy to have a reputed partner like Khalti. Students of the foundation can get better chances and opportunities from this partnership. MD of Khalti, Manish Modi and Chairman of LBEF, Pankaj Jalan signed the documents in an official program.

Khalti, LBEF partnership, and benefits

This partnership helps both parties. Khalti can get good interns and eventually get the best candidate for a job. They also get the benefit of gaining a scholarship for their employees. On the other hand, graduates and students of LBEF get jobs, skills, and experience. The foundation can also get a good reputation as they now offer placements. This is a win-win for all involved parties.

This collaboration can help push the IT industry forward. It helps to balance the ecosystem of workforce demand and workforce supply. Khalti was established in 2017 and for now, they have 100 employees. It is a big thing for the company to take such big and beneficial steps within such a small time. We also like this partnership because students are going to get huge benefits from internship program.

We hope other companies also take similar steps and create a better environment for students and job seekers. Just providing an internship can be very beneficial because they get work experience and it makes it easier for them to get a job. Most companies expect job seekers to have some skills so that they can work well in the field. We know that there are some big differences in formal education and fieldwork. So in such situations, skills and experience gained from an internship can help.


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