CG Smartphones price in Nepal
CG Smartphones price in Nepal

Chaudhary Group is one of the biggest business conglomerate in Nepal. They have lots of products and services world-wide. CG started selling their own mobiles in 2015. Their first phone was CG EON eLite. Most of their phones lie in budget category. They target the biggest consumer group of Nepali smartphones. To help everyone easily we have compiled this list of latest CG mobiles price in Nepal.

Biggest consumer group buys budget phones. Most phones of CG lie in budget to upper budget range. But EON eLite was actually a mid range phone. They have lots of mobile in the EON series. CG is also official distributor of LG and Intex mobiles in Nepal.

CG smartphone portfolio includes smartphones and feature phones. This is the list of all the available CG mobile phones in Nepal.

CG EON eLite Rs 21,999
CG EON Edge Rs 12,999
Omega 8 Rs 12,999
EON Blaze 6.0 Rs 11,111
Blaze 4G Rs 11,111
CG Omega 6 Rs 9,777
EON Blaze Pro Rs 9,699
CG EON eLite Plus Rs 8,999
Blaze Gold Rs 8,888
CG EON Express Rs 8,499
EON Lite Rs 7,999
Omega 3 Rs 7,849
Blaze G Rs 5,699
Blaze Mini Rs 5,555
CG EON Curve Rs 4,899
CG EON 3G Rs 4,599


CG is playing good in the budget market. They are offering good phones at cheap cost. Their starting price of smartphone is about Rs 4,500. Chaudhary Group is working to bring more better products in the market soon.

The price in the list above are maximum retail price. You can get cheaper than this also. CG Digital is also selling cheap on their online portal. The EON eLite is still their most expensive phone in the market.



They have improved a lot these days. Now customers have a lot of choice in hardware. They are offering different variation in terms of price and specs. Blaze 6.0 is a phone with 6” screen which is good for people who want bigger display and entertainment. CG phones do use good hardware like Gorilla Glass and good battery.

Their skin os mostly stock Android which is good. They still needs improvement in terms screen quality, design and processor. People expect to see Snapdragon processors and interactive software these days. They are still pretty good phone considering the price they are being offered. It’s just that they need to up their game and raise the bar to shake the market.

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